Words can cut deep

Why say those words? You know how much it hurts. ‘I don’t care about you no more, I dont love you no more”

Words can cut deep

How do we respond? Do we cause more lain by the words we speak? ‘Don’t speak to me like that, you’re just as bad aren’t you?’

Words can cut deep

When does it stop? Should we stay silent if someone shouts? Or can we change the whole atmosphere just by adjusting the tone of our voice? We have a choice

Words can cut deep

In the end loving actions win, love crushes sin, but in the heat of the moment, where to begin? ‘I forgive you and love you no matter what you say, you don’t mean those words do you? It’s just been a bad day. If this still fails we can always pray.

So if people say the wrong things lets not hold a grudge. Lets not condemn them asif we are the judge. Forgive them, love them, even if theu dont love you back. At least you have done your part do who can argue with that? 

Words can cut deep, so let’s say our words with love, so we can slowly change the world around us like Heaven above.


Wait for it…

Patience! Where are you in this madness?
I’ve been waiting so long for you but you just don’t show up quick enough.
Oh yeah, that’s the whole point of patience, to keep waiting for you while the worlds speeding up.
I take time to eat, brush my teeth and sleep. Yet when it comes to waiting for you, it’s like having itchy feet.
‘I need to do this, I need to be there, go go go!
Then you come along and say, ‘slow slow slow!’
Wo… slow? Are you not seeing the state of this world?
Things need to change quick, I watch the news and it makes me feel sick.
There’s children starving in the world and theres me with a cupboard full of food.
So I’m sorry patience, forgive me for being so rude, but this world needs help, and it needs it soon.

Are you a hero? Doesn’t the sun shine for a while before a monsoon?
Does a crop grow overnight? Doesn’t the ground need both rain and sun light?
Mother nature has not changed its speed, there is enough in this world for everyones need.
It is the ‘I want it now’ syndrome that has created this greed, and your complaining about how many mouths to feed.
Slow down and you will find restoration for your soul,
Slow down and you will see the glory of the Lord.
Did you see the sunrise this morning? Did you hear the birds singing?
These are the moments that keep the world spinning.
The worlds happy to just keep on sinning, there seems to always be time for that.
Have a little patience and you will gain your soul back.
I am always ready for anyone willing to wait,
but if you don’t want to see the world the way I do, then carry on and let the tide sweep you away.

Patience.. it is worth waiting for. It doesn’t make sense while this character trait is being developed in us. It takes time and it can be painful. Yet if we want a clear perspective in this world and to hear Gods voice, then sometimes we need to be still, wait and listen. Once we have heard clearly, we can act clearly. This is how we help change the world for better.


Take a breath

The picture above is near my home in Portugal – The city of Barreiro 

Stop rushing round just for a moment, shhh, be still and listen. You have been holding your breath going round frantically, missing out when there’s so much to see. Allow the radiance of the sun to invite you into its presence, feel the earths essence and breath it in. Isn’t this the taste of freedom? All of our senses tickled at the same time; the fresh air on our skin from the breeze, the smell of summer with the scent of flowers, the sound of the singing birds and the flow of nearby streams, the beauty that beckons as the sun sets at night, the stars that glisten with the moon so bright. This is life, a gift from our creators hands, from the deep blue see to the masses of lands. Enjoy this gift, don’t let business rob you of this. So stop for a moment, take a breath on this beautiful day, because when we stop for just one moment, life becomes precious with every breath that we take.

God bless


Make a house a home

A house is just a house when there is nobody there.

like a mirage in a desert, it appears empty and laid bare

Like a beach with no people, or an ocean without tides
Can a house be a home if there’s nobody inside?

A home is a place of rest after a long day of work
Put your feet up and drink some tea, this much you deserve

So what is it that makes a house a home?
Is it the people who are in it or the posessions we own?
Is it the guests that come in and say ‘oh this place is nice?’
Or is it a place where you can grow in this gift that’s called life?

Whether alone or with someone else, ask yourself,
what is it that makes this place a home and not a house?
You want to know the answer? Do you have a mirrow on the wall?
Well take a look at your reflection, your about to know for sure..

What makes a house a home? The answer.. it is you
Your the answer to this question, and all your loved ones too.
So let this home be filled with joy and laughter, let good memories be made,
May there be a happy ever after, in every single way

Changed heart

Obedience to God enables heavens blessing, hold onto his promise and yield to his word. God wants to bless us, if only we would let him. Following the truth through the word that we’ve heard.

God can change hearts and plough the hard ground, for hearts can be hardened if it holds on to sin. God gives new starts and prevents us falling down, for hearts can be changed when we choose to follow him.


The real me…the real you

Is my pain so blind to see, suffering deep down so silently.
I still smile in this blue marble of an earth,
but sometimes the smile only masks the wounds that hurt.
I take a picture on a sunny day
So that when the suns not shining I remind myslef it will be okay.

I wish that person would understand what I am feeling,
but the one in the mirrior is not so revealing.
‘You cant keep locking up your pain’, I would say to myself.
A mask is not a permanent fix, neither is pretending to be someone else.
Sooner or later you have to face your own fears,
then in that moment you will be left with a choice.
You can choose to move forward and keep changing gears,
or you can let fear damn your life and block out your voice.
So what will it be future me? Yes every me is a future me because time does not wait.
Every second that moves forward is a chance to re-make.
So I will look in the mirror and tell me what I need to hear,
and say “you know what, lets be real in this life”
“No more masks and no more lies”
Theres only one version of me on the planet
God made me unique so I know I can manage
Its more tiring trying to be something Im not
So today I choose to be me, because in this world, there can only be one version of each person, because in this life, you are the best you that you can be.

Feature picture: Young Man Taking Off Mask Stock Photo 99779171 – Google images 


The epiphany of life

Who told you you’re not good enough? Who said that you’re a mistake? Who said that you should give up? Who told you you’re a fake? 

Maybe this was said from someone who was in pain, the only way to escape what they felt was to make you feel the same. That way they wouldnt feel so lonely in their suffering, so they try to bring you down to make themself come back up again. In most cases they dont want to say what hurts, but they say it because no matter what they do nothing seems to work. They’ve tried to keep there self together, they tried to wear a mask, but suddenly what’s buried deep comes out from the traumas of the past. It all happens so fast, a bad word is spoken in haste, this hurts deep, the only way there can be healing is through grace. There’s no time to waste, when someone hurts you dont hide your face, show them that you care, dont let this make you hate, because this is what caused the problem in the first place.

When someone shouts at you over something small, this is an indication that something hurts within their core. You drop a plate in the kitchen and your mama calls you an idiot, in her mind that plate had memories, so when it smashed she was afraid that this would make her forget. It seems silly, but this is how we humans attach to things, when an object holds a memory its like a precious diamond ring. Letting go of something precious stirrs something deep inside. Thats why most the time we find somewhere in our heart for these memories to hide. It is when our connection to that memory shatters, when we ask ourselves how did this happen? Then we wake up and realize that some day we need to let go, it is letting go that makes room for us to grow. 

When we become a teenager we let go of things we did as a child. We stop collecting pokemon cards, we stop playing with toy cars and learn to drive a real one, we no longer wake up early just to watch cartoons, we begin to realize sometimes life is hard, we begin to respect our Dad and mum, we are then officialy an adult, oh how that day came so soon! We thought we would stay young forever but age crept up on us, and then before we know it we are 18, 21, 30 and so on… we look back at where we came from, think about those who are gone, then we look forward and move on. 

Our age teaches us wisdom as we learn from our mistakes, sometimes we do the same things wrong that we did in the first place. Patterns of behaviour can be hard to break, if they were formed in our child hood it becomes a character trait. So we grow up with insecurities and impurities, issues that come out when we are older or go through hard times, but when these issues come to the surface its an opportunity for your character to be refined, once the flac is skimmed away then its your chance to shine. So don’t let fear make you run away, stay on track and do not sway, life is for living so live it today. This is the epiphany of life.


The future..which road shall I take? (a poetic expression)

There comes a time when we can no longer use our past as an excuse to define us, when we keep looking back it’s like looking out the window with blinds down. There’s a beautiful view out there but we can’t see it because what we are focusing on temporarily blinds us, so we need to wind up the blinds and allow the sun to shine on us. Would we walk down the street looking behind us? That would be dangerous, we could walk into a lampost or a car, train or bus.

The future is ahead, its like a one way system, you can only keep moving forward in one direction. Yet many roads are on this one way system, it’s up to us which one we are selcting. Gods way? My way? Or the highway? If I choose my way I wonder if one day I could change lanes? Hum, that way could possibly lead to fame, that way would be insane! Or maybe I should stay on the road I know so that nothing will ever change. 

What would future me say to present self? What would present me say to past self? Present me would have said make the most of those school years, your education is important for your future, listen carefully to your tutor. Present me would have said, don’t listen to those who only say bad things to you, keep doing the right thing. because this is right to do. If only I took present me’s advice, then I could have avoided so many dark nights with no head lights.

You cannot expect future you to speak to present self, if we know the right choice to make today then we needn’t live in doubt. Look forwards not back, read the signs and stay on track. The future is every moment, not just in many years time. So let todays choices make a better tomorrow… message to all mankind.

The unkown…

It can be a scary place… the unkown. We all must go there sometime. I hear you calling me, how do you know my name if I don’t know you? 

I look over to the distance… the future is calling me. That’s how you know my name right? One day you and me will be acquainted, no longer the unknown but close friends.

I see the distance between us right now, even Mo Farah would struggle with that. Yet I’m not phased by distance, because from now until then is the exploration time.

Yes you wait there in the distance…I will be there soon. Wait… am I not already there? If your the future then you are not just in the distance, your right there in front of me. 

Time only ticks forwards, that means that every tick is a glimpse of the future. So I already know you, yet you still seem so unknown. 

So this is a parallax, you change whenever I move position. One moment you seem so far away, the next we can have a staring competition. 

So close yet so far… yes you are. Sometimes I see far ahead like a light shining through the dark, yet sometimes I can’t see the next step, there’s not even a spark.

It’s a strange but wonderful thing… the unknown. It is a place that takes courage to reach, a place where some won’t take the next step. Yet, how can the unknown become known if we never take a step?


Fame hunter

I feel like you’re a fame hunter

I feel like you’re a fame hunter
Smooth between the lines you cry and lie for the same thunder
You step aside for the bribes because you’re a fake drummer
You try and beat down my ego just to be a fake stunner
You think I’m just a fear runner
Slow between my steps you think I’m a maze runner
You keep laughing thinking I’m a weak gunner
I raw like a lion , you can’t stop me, I’m a strong hunter

I’m sick and tired of your mind games
I’m sick and tired of your lying fame
But I can’t complain
The bigger the pain, the bigger fame, the bigger crane that will bigger His name

…And I don’t want you fail on life
…And I don’t want you to fake a smile
…Take a bow and now make me proud
…Forget the doubts fight it out loud

It takes place when the race gets hit on the face by ‘mistake’
Where you either get up take a punch a keep haste
Not faking the battle keeping stance with enemy
Keeping the Helohim on the big screen fixing Your loving being

Insecurities turning into abilities,
mind looping imunities, making it safe from impurity
You’re feeling sorry,
you feel like the world makes you regret every decision
Makes you believe you’re the cause of imprecision
But this is just a lie to bring down your fighting vision
Another day another battle, this Deemerzion

 He is the fixer.
Everytime you tear up, He rearranges the picture
His signature move is the Love that He feels in
Makes you improve and you look in the mirror
You look at the past, and you realise you’re a Winner

…And I don’t want you fail on life
…And I don’t want you to fake a smile
…Take a bow and now make me proud
…Forget the doubts fight it out loud