The longing soul

How can I explain a suffering that I don’t understand?

When you see me smile, that doesn’t mean that my heart leaps for joy.

At times my smile is a sign that “Sometimes My Inner Lifes Empty”

The sound of the rain beats across barren land

But I like the rain, somehow that sound soothes my raging soul

When the dry season is over and the rain pours, how beautiful the transformation

Yellow fields become luscious green, rivers flow once again, flowers sprout up from seeds of old

I was told that land is my soul, cracks in the dry ground and seeds with no growth

I see hovering above the land the crows, looking to sweep down and steal from the host.

The farmer knows, he knows that this land needs watering, but he’s been afraid because he got used to the plain

Oh my inner being, wake from your slumber! Lift up your eyes for the aurora will soon arrive

Kiss adeus to death and say hello to life, Sheol has no place for you, a place in heaven has been reserved

Embrace and cleave to the cloak of righteousness, blessings will flow like the Amazon

So take heart… For you may break some days, but you will never fall apart

Psalm 62:5 yes, my soul, find rest in God, for my hope comes from him

Love and God bless



On that day

I remember that day so clearly, I was about to leave the house but was captured by the TV

My plans changed in an instant, as did all those caught up in this incident

I had no idea this was live television, what I was seeing was more like hellavision

Those towers burning in flames, ignited by hijacked planes.

Tears rolled from my eyes, tears of seeing mass genocide right there in plain sight

On that day was the begging of change on earth, the war on terror had just gave birth.

6 hours I stared at that screen thinking this cant be real, this cant be real! I saw people scream while many fled on their feet to escape this ordeal.

Words could not be uttered, no, not even one word. There was nothing to describe in that moment what’s just happened in the world.

On that day, many lives were lost in the wreckage, they kissed their loved ones good bye for the last time, how could they ever forget this.

We ask ourselves, could this have been avoided? If only we knew something was going on, maybe we would have prevented the first one!

For that day, we stay silent in remembrance, we show our respect and love for those whose life ended.

Recovery is no easy road to take for those who grieve, 17 years have passed, but for them its still so near

Prayers be spoken for all those that lost, banners be raised for all those lives stopped, peace be in those hearts who still feel and healing be on the land… our appeal

Lord, we pray this day for those who remember their loved one. We ask for your peace and love to be upon them. Guide them, protect them and embrace them. You are a God of love, this hatred did not come from you. We remember that despite this tragedy miracles still happened, so many still made it through. Help America Lord and bring peace to grieving hearts. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen

Image: google images – 9 11

God bless


When I was a child

When I was a child I lived without a care in the world.

There was no challenge to get out of bed, no need for an alarm.

Life was a mystery as I lived to create my history.

When I was a child my excitement was watching the rug rats or playing games.

I used to look at all the tall people and think, “wow, I hope I am that tall one day!”

I was not afraid to dream, everyday was a gift and I loved it.

I never worried about tomorrow, it didn’t even cross my mind.

I lived in the moment, that was the beauty of being a child.

Life wasn’t easy in foster care, but I learned how to handle it

I had many questions, but still I kept my candle lit.

When I was a child, the simplest things used to bring me joy

I loved playing out with friends and I was over the moon when I had a new toy.

Sometimes I ask myself, when did it all change?

What made all these simple moments burn up in flames?

I went through trauma as a child, yet still enjoyed life.

Some never go through such things and still chose the dark side.

When I was a child, I looked forward to being older

Yet now I’m grown, and I have lived some history, I have seen the world getting colder

They say its global warming, but many hearts have grown cold

Maybe that’s because we forget the simple joys of life when we get old

When I was a child, I lived life like there was no tomorrow

Now I have grown up, I vow to do the same despite the sorrow!

God bless


Release date

You break every chain that binds and remove every stain that defiles, grace defined with this endless love for your child.

My heart is blithe, content with this precious life.

You carve my being into a masterpiece and remove every chain for my release.

I stayed so long in the prison of my ungratefulness, I would still be there if it wasn’t for your gracefulness

Those chains were wrapped tightly round my being, squeezing the life out of me and had me crying out “who has the key!?”

You turned up and said “son, its me, its me, let me set you free”. I replied, “please do it, but what’s the fee?”

You smiled, and said, “the fee was paid a long time ago my child”.

My humbled heart considered the cost, no money purchased my freedom… but that rugged cross.

The corrupted guards stared as I walked by them to freedom, a higher authority has spoken, I looked ahead and saw multitudes who believed him, now the liars words have been broken.

I was told I would remain stuck in my guilt and shame, I had no idea that all I needed to know was that powerful name.

I am free indeed, free to be, everything I was created for. The chains removed, you made me new the day I left that prison dorm.

John 8:36 Those the son sets free are free indeed

Image: google images – prison cell

God bless


The dreamer

The passion of a dreamer never fades

Like a well watered garden, the beauty remains

People scoff at the dreamer, “it can never be, you’re crazy!”

The dreamer smiles with a new motivation to not be lazy

Every set back they use for a set up for sweet victory

“If I can achieve the impossible”, they say… “then I can make history”

The dreamer knows how to utter powerful prayers

They never stumble when doubt arises, they always take care

When expectations are not met, they don’t hold onto regret

“If I can dream it I can do it” they say, “I’m not finished yet”

A true dreamer will not have roots in selfish pursuits

They will not step on other peoples toes, “humility is necessary” that’s the way dreamers go

To dream is to believe, Martin Luther had a dream

He worked hard for his dream to be achieved

A dreamer will never give up, no matter how bumpy the road gets

A dreamer will learn every step and always keep their heart in check

The dreamer will never stop, always hope and keep the faith

The dreamer holds on when the world shakes… never will they be afraid, never will they forget

Image: Google images – martin luther king

God bless


Please don’t…

Please don’t whisper me a secret, I cant promise I will keep it. My mouth runs wild sometimes, I try to tame it, cram the words deep down to contain it, but if I come out and say it, then forgive me for not obeying.

Please don’t whisper me a secret, if you don’t intend others to hear it. Its not that you cant trust me to adhere it, its just excitement makes it hard to conceal it.

Please don’t whisper me a secret, I don’t want to ruin your surprise. Its an honour that you trust me to confide, but that aside, I don’t trust my enquiring mind.

Please… you know what I am going to utter, my words are sometimes like butter, slipping and flowing like rain down a gutter. Yet if you choose some secret to uncover, well… I will muster all my strength to not share with another.

Observant or judgemental

I ask myself, am I being observant or judgemental? Is there a difference? Or am I just snuffing out someone’s potential? “Why cant you just shake off your depression!?” “My friend, what’s wrong? You know you are such a blessing”. The difference is how I approach, judging without pure motives only provokes.

Only God can judge me, so only he can judge others. At Least that’s how it is this side of heaven, it takes a pure heart and a sinless being to be able to judge in a way that is not demeaning. One who judges often is seeing in others what’s usually their own problem.

“Huh, she thinks she’s so pretty, so full of herself!” Yet how much time does the person who said this spend looking in a mirror at their self? “He thinks he’s Gods gift to women!” Yet how guilty is the one who says this of lusting and sinning?

Am I judging by speaking this? Or is observation taking notes without being hypocrites? There is a difference….am I speaking to tear them down? Do I feel good pointing out the faults of others just because I am insecure of my own faults, by attacking them with verbal assaults? Or do I speak to my neighbour out of love in order to help them if things are tough?

Jesus said “he without sin cast the first stone”, in that case we should all drop our rocks of accusation and take a walk home.

Matthew 7:1 Do not judge or you will be judged

Image: Google images – pointing finger

God bless


Who am I, really?

I ask myself sometimes, how many masks do I own? How many fake versions of me have I shown? I consider myself a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, until my family is round or my old friends in town, I’m a different me now.

“How are you?” “I’m fine”, I say with a smile but that’s not really what’s on my mind, “You have grown so much my friend would say”, I smile and say “thank you” but at the same time I’m thinking you really have no idea mate what I have been through to make it to today.

Who am I, really? God says I am made in his image, yet he is so perfect and awesome, while I’m more like popeye without spinage. Well on the outside I suppose I look alright, all though I would love a defined 6 pack and for my body to be more tight. Yet is that really who I am?

CS Lewis said you don’t have a soul, you are a soul, you have a body. That’s good to know, that must mean that being made in Gods image is far deeper than flesh and bone.

Who am I, really? I think I finally know.. I am a reflection of the characteristics of God in this world. Patient, kind, loving, accepting, forgiving… well I still have a long way to go but like I said, at least now I know.

Looks do not define a person because looks fade away like a flower, a gentle spirit and a kind heart full of love holds more power. Its good to look nice but its more important what’s on the inside, we were made in the image of God, so every person in this world has a purpose for life.

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his image, male and female he created them.

Image: made in Gods image – google images

God bless


By their fruit

Take me as I am, or leave me here in the pit of my sorrows, treat me like a man, or a slave that no one follows.

Either way, I wont break under the rod of your discipline, you shout at me out loud while to my God I’m whispering

Every strike will only make me stronger, every round will only improve my fitness, you believe that controling others makes you a conqueror, if this is true then wheres the witness?

How can you suppress those under your authority and call it love? How can you claim to be a follower yet secretly scorn the one above?

We are warned to be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing, those who outwardly love while inwardly loathing.

We should be careful of those who are only confessors and not believers in Jesus, yet are clever and cunning with their religious reasons.

Take me as I am, don’t shape me into you, the only hands I want to shape my life are the hands that make everything new.

I trust those hands, I recognise them because of those scars of glory, you know those hands, but you reject the authors story.

By their fruit you will recognise them Jesus spoke, those who preach a dead Jesus can never offer the world hope.

As for me, I will seek the Lord with his word as my guide. I will pray, I will sing and choose to live in the light and refuse the lie.

I may be in a pit of sorrow but I will trust the one who holds tomorrow. All though weeping may last for the night, joy comes with the light. I was once a slave to sin but now I choose to follow, and serve the one who prevents my heart from being hollow.

Matthew 7:20 By their fruits you will recognise them

Image: google images – fruit man

God bless


Spiritual fire

A heatwave has spread across the globe, just a few months ago there was snow and now?.. well, watch the news and you will know.

Prayers be said for those who have lost homes and loved ones by the flames of this intense heat, praying for rain to put out the fires especially in California and greece.

This heat and these pockets of fire got me thinking in a different way, what if God set ablaze his church with a spiritual fire today?

What if a none destructive force was started by just a spark? The fire of Heaven paving the way and bringing light into the dark.

None destructive, productive and transforming, bringing healing to the sick, the weak and those who are mourning.

No firefighters needed, but we may need more churches. As the pews are filled up with the burdened and those who are hurting.

These wild fires have caused much hurt and pain, many people affected by a force hard to contain. So I will keep praying, I will keep saying…

“God you see all humanities hardship, come and re-shape this world like a master artist, you understand the burden of our souls, we only need to remember those nail pierced holes. So come and start a fire in our hearts, burn away our impurities and set us apart, come quickly Lord… its getting dark, just one spark is all we need to start”

Acts 2:3 They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them

Image: google images – tongues of fire

God bless