Precious seed

This dry ground longs for rain, months have passed, and still not a drop has fell… I’m longing for a rainy spell, rain fall now…. fall now..

These roots have travelled far, yet to no avail, no water here, no ships that can sail. A parched land seems unsuitable for habitation, yet I have heard this land used to be bountiful and blessed with visitations from distant lands.

Now this land is parched, in need of a fresh start. Winter has been extended this year, summer where are you? Sun will you shine on us here? I cry… but my voice just echoes around this barron land.

I heard a story some time ago, the story said that once some seeds fell on a desert, these seeds sunk deep with no growth. Years later a freak storm came, and rain fell on the abandoned plane. What happened? There was transformation almost instantly, as the rain watered the seeds they seem to have a time of intimacy. These little seeds grew into beautiful trees, these trees produced flowers inviting the birds and the bees. The bees made honey and these trees began to bear fruit, people came as they heard this land was good. They built, they reproduced and this barron land became a neighbourhood.

The moral of the story? All God needs is a seed to grow something from gloom into glory. Take heart, what seems wasted right now can transform quick with just one rainy spell. When the rain of heaven falls, you will see, you will see that you all along are the precious seed.

Image: google images -seed

Matthew 17:20 Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “move from here to there”, and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you

God bless



Oh my soul

Oh my soul, why are you downcast? Yesterday you was up so high, but for some reason you came down fast. Life is no easy assignment and filled with multiple tasks, work piles on the pressure and now your children are afraid to ask. Afraid that one more question will make you snap, what will you do about that?

Have you forsaken your source of strength? You think that you are strong and don’t need time on the bench, the field is dangerous, if you don’t have the fitness and injury cripples you, what will you do then? The world paints an image of air brushed women and macho men, perfect well behaved children and a perfect future for them.

Oh my soul this is deceiving! This belief only leaves the heart bleeding as life fails to meet the expectations of those who are dreaming. Dreams are good and a great future is worth the pursuit, but in this life a perfect future cannot take root. Why? Because life is full of lows and highs, joys and cries, birthdays and then someone dies, we one day will say our final goodbye and hope our faith will make us rise.

But I thought God had a plan for my life? Oh he does, but pain is part of it my soul, look at Jesus, do you see those nail pierced holes? Pain is our testimony to the world of Gods great love, the piercing for our transgressions… God wiped the slate for us. Eternity will far exceed all the pain and shattered dreams, do your best, be your best and you will always live free. No one can trap your mind without your consent, no one can steal your heart if you guard it from offense, and no man or demon can separate you from Gods love, he is with us until the end.

Oh my soul, lift your eyes to the sky today, your troubles are only a moment of eternity, look up, and you will keep hope even when you face your adversary.

Psalm 43:5 Oh my soul, why are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my saviour my God.

Image: casting crowns – oh my soul

God bless


The missionary journey

Life seems easy in familiarity. We love routine and time with family… sometimes…may I add, no family is perfect.. no perfect mum or Dad. Yet life cannot stay in the rosey and cosey and the comfort of our couches and beds, sometimes life calls us out into oceans, and mountains or valleys instead. The comfort zone will be a distant memory as your new journey beckons ahead. Take a map with you, your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, so that when you are tempted to turn back, you will remember those who went first. Your not the first to leave your comfort, and no way are you the last, and once you have discovered this new route you will gain your life back. Those who have left few will end up with many, and those who have left many will gain many more… holding on will only cause pain, surrender them to God as you follow his call.

Your burden is for what lies ahead not what’s left behind, trying to carry both is too heavy for mankind. Take heart soldier… grace will allow you to see again, your assignment from God will always be for the best in the end. He knows the name of every family member and friend, lift them up to God in prayer, this is your only duty for them. Now you are called as a beacon of truth, those dark distant lands need the light that shines in you. So go on missionary, take heart and be strong, you may have left those you have loved for now, but they will be waiting when all is done.

Matthew 16:25 for whoever wants to save their life will loose it, but whoever looses their life for my sake will find it.

God bless


Graceful faithfulness

Gods faithfulness has been proved through out time, even when mankind put Gods faithfulness to the test. In the old testament we see many times how because of Gods promise to Abraham “your descendants will be as numerous as the stars” or his promise through David “his throne will endure forever” 2 Samuel 7:16 God spared a remenant of the Israelites whenever judgement came because of sin.

The longer your own personal journey with Christ the more you will learn the faithfulness of God. How many times have we said something and not done it? How many commitments have we made and not kept them? Or kept them but not completely? If we are honest we will see that many times we have not kept our word or commitments. Its hard though right? Life is demanding and sometimes we make emotionally based commitments because of an experience. “I will never drink again”, “one last time then I will join the gym”, “I will always be positive” and so on. Emotionally based commitments always seem good at the time but usually don’t last because they are usually made out of guilt.

To be faithful means to be committed in every season no matter what. Sometimes its not possible to keep certain commitments because of life happenings such as; marriage, children, injuries (gym people) new jobs etc. Yet as a christian none of these things should affect our commitment to God because this is not based upon events or feelings, its based upon steadfast trust from our heart in God and his faithfulness. It is believing in every circumstance that no matter what you face, God will be with you through it and strengthen you. That in every circumstance God can bring good for those who love him and are called according to his purposes. This is what is means to be faithful, to always keep believing and not let what you see affect what you believe in regards to God.

God is 100 percent committed to his church as they are his prized possession, he was committed enough to shed his blood and endure the cross. His commitment will endure for eternity. God is not requiring our perfect commitment, all he requires is our willingness, perfection comes later as he does his holy work in us. Sometimes mistakes throw us off committing all together, we something like, “well I’ve already messed up now so why carry on?” The devil loves when we say this because it prevents progression with God, if we were as graceful to ourselves as God is we would grow in our faithfulness everyday. The righteous stumble 7 times but get up 8, that’s the victory… getting back up.

So, be faithful in the small things with God. Pray, read the word and put it into practice the best you can. God is for you, his spirit is with you and he will always show himself true when you choose to trust in him. When we are able to be faithful in the small things, the bigger things will come.

Psalm 86:15 But you, oh Lord are a God merciful and graceful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness

God bless


Never forsaken

There are times in our walk with Christ where God seems distant or on vacation. Times when we internally cry those tears that nobody else sees and begin to question our own faith. We ask the following questions: Is God angry at me because of my sins? Does God even care about me anymore? Am I just a disposable vessel that no longer has use? Why is so and so not struggling like I am? In a season where God seems absent we have 2 options. We either accept the lie of the devil that God has turned away from you; or we dig deeper in our faith and put into practice what God has already taught through his word.

If you are in this seemingly absent time with God then praise God he has considered you worthy of this test. A new believer would not go through this because it would destroy faith before it has had chance to grow. This season is for the maturing christian that has usually prayed this kind of prayer; “Father, please make me more like Jesus”. This daring prayer or unspoken desire will no doubt put you into positions where you have no choice but to lean on God and his word.

What about the negative side? If you allow the devils grip to take hold and the lie of Gods hand being against you, this season will not produce the faith intended. It will lead you to despair and will make you question your faith completely. This is why these seasons can be so risky, it produces the opportunity for great victory or great despair, the outcome is determined by our choice. If you started bad this does not mean it should finish this way, God in his mercy will give more opportunities to demonstrate trust. We have promises for such times as this as we will see below.

How do I know this season is from God and not because of sin? First of all have you confessed your sin and been forgiven? Second of all, we are not condemned as believers Romans 8:1 as the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed our iniquity. Sin carries its own consequences and at times God disciplines his children as any loving father would, but this does mean this season is because of our own doing.

How can we know for sure? Analyse the situation and ask yourself some questions. Did I put my self in this situation or did God? Have I learned how to deal with what I am facing according to the word of God? Is what I am going through allowing faith to grow or is it destroying my soul? Any other questions feel free to ask them to yourself. The will of God is to conform us into the image of Christ, sometimes this means facing the dreaded “seemingly distant” times from God in order to develop a deeper faith and an unshakeable trust in God. This is when we need to hold onto 2 simple promises.

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.

Matthew 28:20 I am with you always, even to the end of age.

Keep these promises close to your heart when it seems God is distant, you will grow in faith as you realise God has never left your side no more than the air you breathe has left the room.

God bless


Hang in there… Regret is worse than a lack of results.

Fruit, faith, victory,cross

What do you do when you are bored? What do you do when you make a plan and then suddenly the plan changes and your left by yourself? What do you do when you have been busy and productive and suddenly you find nothing to do? What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

These are difficult times, times of testing. Life has 2 arenas to test your character. One of them is how you respond when you go though trials and temptations, the other is when your plans do not succeed and you no longer know what to do. When potential is denied it is searched for somewhere else. There is a danger when God wants to use you for greatness, this danger is that devil will want to use you in the opposite way. The word of God calls us to watch out and stay alert of the schemes of the devil 1 Peter 5:8, you fall asleep and become idle there is danger of sin and the enemy gaining a foothold.

Your hurt because for so long you have strived and used your hands for good works but not seen great results. You know that continuing to be a blessing is the right thing to do, but on the other hand you wonder why? Why keep doing good when people use me and abuse me? Why be productive in my work place if the boss is never satisfied and gives me even more work? Others do less and get a promotion, yet here is the danger of coveting and jealousy. It seems as if God over looks our efforts some times and would rather be blessing others than you. So you consider quitting right? Why carry on?

Imagine if Jesus responded this way before the cross, we would not be saved because he would have aborted his calling. Now what was the end result of the persistence of Jesus continuing to do the right thing? Eternal glory and the name above all names along with multitudes being saved because of the cross! Now then, if Jesus received all this in the end, will you not receive the promises of God over your life? The blessings are coming for you, and for me – we may not see them yet but they are coming.

Are you still praying? Victory! Are you still doing the right thing and not responding negatively? Victory! Are you reading the bible even though you may have doubts? Victory! Your doubts can lead you to a deeper faith if you surrender these doubts unto the word, why? Because faith comes by hearing the word of God Romans 10:17 Are you still worshipping God despite your struggles? Victory! If you are not doing any of these things then start now, and guess what that means? Yes you guessed it, victory!

It is difficult when results are not seen or seem slow compared to our work rate. Yet if you gave up you would never know how close you truly were to the break through you have longed for. The one thing more difficult to deal with than lack of results is regret, so hang on! We all have the unfruitful season as we grow in our faith, this is so our roots can go deeper for when the next fruit season arrives. If you continue and allow God to shape your character internally through this time, you will recognise that the fruit is already beginning to grow on the inside before the world sees this on the outside. God is preparing something great for you!


Laying the foundation #1

John 3:16 For God so loved the world (you and me) that he gave his one and only son (Jesus Christ), so that whoever believes in him shall not perish (be eternally separated from God) but have everlasting life. (Live eternally in the presence of God).

Immerse yourselfinstead of the world, place your full name there. God so loved(…)The love of God is transformed instantly into a personal connection between you and the God of the universe. He is love and the foundation of all goodness. There is an old saying that goes like this.. “Jesus would have still endured the cross even if it was just for you”. We cannot look at the evidence and say this was the case due to the testimony of countless believers. Nevertheless, Jesus paid the price for our sins and made a way to heaven. Whether we believe he would have just done this for you depends on your own personal encounter with him, as for me… I believe he would have.

The world view implies that we are here by some cosmic accident that formed a perfectly ordered universe out of an explosion; and after many years of evolving we became who we are today. I would rather believe that love gave us a place on this earth. Believing in Jesus Christ is the gateway for this love to enter our lives, this is the foundation of our life of faith.

Speak out

I am loved by an amazing God who gave his life for me on the cross. I believe and I am strengthened by the hope I obtain through Jesus. Love was nailed on display for my witnessing, I accept this divine love into my heart.

Remind yourselflife can sometimes cause us pain and at times we may feel lonely or unwanted. In these times remind yourself of the love of Christ in John 3:16 out loud with your name. Keep the door of your heart open to Gods love, let there always be room for him in there, he will fill that void if you allow him too.

Prayer – Lord Jesus, come and take your rightful place in my heart. I confess you as Lord and saviour of my life. Show me the depths of your love so that I may learn to love as you do. In Jesus name amen.

Image – google images (the world)

Love and blessings DMZ

Sleepless night

Why are you trying to deprive me sleep? Closing my eyes while wide awake, frustration in my soul, oh I’m so weak! Up before 5 and now its past midnight. I pray for peace and for these consistent headaches to cease! Change is coming quickly I just know it, these winds of change have begun blowing. Pressure from lifes arenas while I’m balancing life like a ballerina, but I figured that I’m not always good on my feet, is it possible to catch up on sleep?

Oh God can you hear me? I long for you as I’m dreary, come near me…come near me? It’s a long winter night and these dry tears are falling, can you see them God? Do you catch them even when they are dry? I need to face the world tomorrow, should I fake a smile and hide my sorrow? But I can’t, I can’t be fake, my heart is visible on my sleeve on display for everyone to see. Take me as I am people you don’t know my inner pain! Sorry I don’t mean to shout, that’s tiredness talking again. Shhh… its quiet now my soul, get some rest, peace will come don’t be depressed! I’m begging you this night.. relax and take a breath, cast your anxieties upon the Lord, don’t meditate on the mess.

Hello sweet dreams, its been a while since I enjoyed your company. I will treasure this moment, I will remember what you have done for me.

Picture: Google images – sleepless night

1 Peter 5:7 cast all your cares on him, for he cares for you.


Tip of the iceberg #teachflows3

Judging a whole person by first impression can lead to deception. First impression is important; the first look, the first smile, the first conversation and kiss, yes first moments are bliss. Yet first impression is just the tip of the iceberg, around 70 percent of the real person is neither seen or heard, at least not at first. So when we meet someone new and ask how do you do? Lets not judge the whole person from one conversation over a nice brew. You want to know someone true? You want to go beneath the surface like a deep sea diver? Or is fear not allowing people to see what’s inside you?

What is beneath the surface? Our soul and character, the core of our being, our identity… we are far from worthless. We have conformed to an outward focus, this is why true character is hard to notice. It takes a trained eye to see beyond the physical form and to break the power of the norm. From the day we are born we are lured into the trap of outer beauty is all. The hard times come and we fall because the mirror lied to us all. We forgot to work on our core, inner beauty faded because it was ignored.

The tip is not the whole person, that is just the icing on the cake. The real you lies beneath the deep, now it’s time to awake. Awake O sleeper, pray for God to strengthen areas that are weaker. Let more of the real you rise as you adapt to this new meaning in life, then people who meet you will not be surprised because your letting your true colours shine.


The Narnia effect… Seeing with new eyes #teachflows.2

It would be wonderful if life was like Narnia, you step outside your front door into a magical land – Heaven beckons around- Face smiling… Oh life is sound. You are a child all over again, the scent of a flower tickles your senses, no forced growth just the pure natural God given scent; you take in the fresh air, the fresh incense fills every fibre of your being. You love what you are felling, you love what you are seeing. Suddenly you realize how much of life you take for granted, it never struck you until you walked out that door, the same door you kept locked before. Fear kept it shut, but now you have declared fear to shut up! Now your eyes have been opened once again, like a child that first sees colours, everything is a first, you become filled with so much joy that you think you will burst. Into excitement… Adventure. Who’s going to stop you when it’s God who has sent you?
For so long the Devils hands have been covering your eyes, but now by the power of grace and this new found faith, his hands have been removed and you once again see the beauty of life. Enjoy the journey… It was always meant to be enjoyed but tainted pictures have ruined the moment, well not anymore! Open up that door of faith, a new world is waiting for you, a world to which God has saved you a place.

Bible verse:
Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Prayer: Father God,
Open my eyes so that I will see this world the way you do with such beauty and praise. The media paints an ugly picture of this world, I pray that you would re-paint this picture in my heart and mind so that when I walk by faith, I will not be afraid or discouraged. I pray in Jesus name – amen.

Image: Google images – Narnia

God bless