How do I blog? Simple question, feel free to respond…

I’m just going to throw this out there to any experienced bloggers, I am quite new to the bloggers world. Yes I have wrote blogs and had responses but where does a blogger go when there are so many things to write about? As a christian I love writing about faith and teachings of Christ; as a poet and song writer I love writing songs and poems, and as someone who genuinely has interest in the things of life I just love to write about life in general. Yet I realize that you cannot write in every area and have great success in a blog right? People who search for blogs are looking for consistency in what is wrote and something that interests them. So I want to approach this blogging world humbly and ask you, what are the best ways for successful blogging? How can we draw a following and invest well in this? How can a blog become something more? Like a platform for a business or a structured work of art. Something like this takes time and investment, but it’s worth discovering how to make this investment worthwhile.

So, fellow bloggers, what tips do you have? Any advice is much appreciated. After all, we bloggers are all in the same boat right? 

Thank you for your input!