The mission #goodnews#1

Mankind has been endowed by their maker with great responsibility. We are called to be a part of the great co-mission of Christ to share the good news of salvation found through him. This good news of Christ was established by the crucifixion for the sins of mankind and sealed through the ressurrection.

The number one block for not sharing this good news is fear. This fear is stemmed by our own experiences and expectations of how people will respond. How will someone who has never heard about Jesus react when I tell them about salvation? How will someone who has heard about him react? Western education teaches much about Jesus, but you will rarely hear the education system speak of him being the way of salvation. Is this only the duty of the missionaries? To share the good news? Or is this something every believer is a part off? For this gospel will be preached through out the whole earth Matthew 24:14 and who will be telling it? you will be my witnesses, when you receive the spirit Acts 1:8. Those who know Jesus they are the witnesses.

I am guilty of not sharing the good news because of fear, but I want that to end from now on. I love people as God does and desire all to know the truth of salvation and repent and be saved. For God desires all to repent and be saved 2 Peter 3:9

In Matthew 28:16-20 Jesus speaks about the great commission to his disciples before ascending to heaven. We are a part of this grand mission.

There is a way to Heaven through Christ my friends.

Love and God bless

Image: Google images – making disciples

More to come…



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