What image do you have when you think of freedom? A bird flying; someone throwing cash in the air and dancing in the midst of it, a grave stone perhaps? A calender where every day is free or a phone without an alarm clock set? Think about these things, many see freedom as an external state or eternal one, but not many see freedom as an internal reality.

When God talks about freedom, he speaks about freedom on the inside. You can have a free schedule but still have a cluttered mind; you can be independent but still cling to comfort and struggle with insecurities; you can be free from addictions but still hold onto the memories created through the addiction. Many remedies are out there for defeating addictions, but none of them tackle the root issue as this is a place where only God can get to.

Freedom through the eyes of God begins inside and transfers outwards. When the Lord set me free from drugs after many years of struggle, he took the desire out of my heart and this enabled me to make the outward choices to create lasting change. He took the desire because I desired to stop, this was the first step for acknowledging my issue, the second step was surrendering this to God. God longs to set many free, but he will not barge his way in, he will see if your heart desires it and if you will ask then God will act.

Freedom is when you are at peace while surrounded with a temptation that you used to struggle with. Freedom is knowing that in every situation God is with you. Freedom is realising that your worth is not based upon material things or success, but knowing that your worth rests in the unending love of God.

Some of the most miserable people in the world are those who externally have everything, yet are internally falling apart.

Some of the happiest are those that appear to have nothing, yet they are so rich in faith that they appear to express a joy that the world cannot explain.

Trust in Christ, be free on the inside, know your worth and know that being free depends on nothing more that you understanding what true freedom is and where this can be found.

John 8:36 Those the son sets free are free indeed



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God bless