On that day

I remember that day so clearly, I was about to leave the house but was captured by the TV

My plans changed in an instant, as did all those caught up in this incident

I had no idea this was live television, what I was seeing was more like hellavision

Those towers burning in flames, ignited by hijacked planes.

Tears rolled from my eyes, tears of seeing mass genocide right there in plain sight

On that day was the begging of change on earth, the war on terror had just gave birth.

6 hours I stared at that screen thinking this cant be real, this cant be real! I saw people scream while many fled on their feet to escape this ordeal.

Words could not be uttered, no, not even one word. There was nothing to describe in that moment what’s just happened in the world.

On that day, many lives were lost in the wreckage, they kissed their loved ones good bye for the last time, how could they ever forget this.

We ask ourselves, could this have been avoided? If only we knew something was going on, maybe we would have prevented the first one!

For that day, we stay silent in remembrance, we show our respect and love for those whose life ended.

Recovery is no easy road to take for those who grieve, 17 years have passed, but for them its still so near

Prayers be spoken for all those that lost, banners be raised for all those lives stopped, peace be in those hearts who still feel and healing be on the land… our appeal

Lord, we pray this day for those who remember their loved one. We ask for your peace and love to be upon them. Guide them, protect them and embrace them. You are a God of love, this hatred did not come from you. We remember that despite this tragedy miracles still happened, so many still made it through. Help America Lord and bring peace to grieving hearts. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen

Image: google images – 9 11

God bless



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