When I was a child

When I was a child I lived without a care in the world.

There was no challenge to get out of bed, no need for an alarm.

Life was a mystery as I lived to create my history.

When I was a child my excitement was watching the rug rats or playing games.

I used to look at all the tall people and think, “wow, I hope I am that tall one day!”

I was not afraid to dream, everyday was a gift and I loved it.

I never worried about tomorrow, it didn’t even cross my mind.

I lived in the moment, that was the beauty of being a child.

Life wasn’t easy in foster care, but I learned how to handle it

I had many questions, but still I kept my candle lit.

When I was a child, the simplest things used to bring me joy

I loved playing out with friends and I was over the moon when I had a new toy.

Sometimes I ask myself, when did it all change?

What made all these simple moments burn up in flames?

I went through trauma as a child, yet still enjoyed life.

Some never go through such things and still chose the dark side.

When I was a child, I looked forward to being older

Yet now I’m grown, and I have lived some history, I have seen the world getting colder

They say its global warming, but many hearts have grown cold

Maybe that’s because we forget the simple joys of life when we get old

When I was a child, I lived life like there was no tomorrow

Now I have grown up, I vow to do the same despite the sorrow!

God bless



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