Free indeed

The Lord God almighty brought us out of our spiritual Egypt the day he broke the chains of sin over us. So why do we still not feel free sometimes? Why do we still act asif we are enslaved when Jesus has already paid the penalty for our sin?

It’s what we can call the ‘prisoner mentality’. When someone has been set free from a long prison sentence they still act like they are a prisoner when they receive their freedom. It is a stronghold of the mind. For example, someone who has just come out of prison will still treat every thing with extreme caution and suffer with paranoia at times. Especially if they suffered on the inside during the prison term.

God can take us out of spiritual Egypt in a moment, but it takes more time for God to take spiritual Egypt out of us. Salvation is instant, transformation is a life long process. When I was saved I was still drug taking and smoking. You could call me a Sunday christian back then. Living in spiritual Egypt for 6 days and freedom on the 7th. A common occurrence, especially in the western church. However, after about 2 years of God pouring out his love and grace he set me free from this. I smoked for 9 years, tried to stop countless times by good old will power, then I became a follower of Jesus and had prayer about it. One day I moved from my house to another house, from this day I never smoked or even wanted to smoke again. This was the prime example in my life of the verse, those who the son sets free are free indeed. 

Why are some still enslaved in sin after salvation? The Lord sets free, that is, free from certain sins, those who truly want to be free. I hated drug taking and smoking and God knew it, he set me free because I desired it. He has the power to set anyone free. Free from depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship troubles or an identity crisis. Do you want to be free? I still struggle in some areas, that’s why in those areas it is still a battle. Wanting to change is the first step, then ask God to change those desires for Godly ones.

When God sets a person free there is no limits to what can be achieved.

Bible verse: John 8:36 if the son (Jesus) sets you free you will be free indeed.

Prayer: Dear heavenly father, please help me with (say what the struggle is) please give me the desire to change my wrong desires for Godly ones. I ask that I would live a life that is pleasing to you and that my life will bring you great glory. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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