Break through with a thankful heart

Tired of the same mundane tasks everyday and hoping for a break through? Do you feel life has not rewarded the amount of effort you have put into it? In fact life seems to have punished you more! You didn’t choose the family you were born into, you didn’t choose to live in that neighborhood. It’s not your fault you were born with that condition so no one is blaming you. Do you know what the issue is now you are older? You are still clinging on to the areas you could not change. It hurts you day and night but somehow you are finding strength to push through. It frustrates you that Joe Bloggs finds easy the things you struggle with, you want to quit but you have come so far so you keep going. You become angry and that affects your work. Your boss sees you struggle but doesnt understand so instead just points out all your mistakes. You become discouraged because you feel all your efforts are wasted. Then that dreaded question plays on your mind… what’s the point? Im only gona fail anyway so why bother trying?! Yet you still don’t quit in the hope of that break through. You remind yourself that their is always someone in a worse situation. Atleast I have a job all though its not the one I dream of, atleast I have a home and somwhere to sleep, atleast I have friends and family… you would tell yourself these things and hope to feel better. Then you begin to feel guilty and selfish and back you go to the land of self pity! Oh it seems endless how can I get through this! Why can’t I just enjoy life now instead of hoping to enjoy it later? Torn between self pity, frustration and hope, hope is the only reason you have not given up.

Most people can relate in one way or another to the above. Sometimes years are wasted doing what we don’t want to do. Years that we can’t go back and change, this is the definition of frustration. This is not how God called us to live! Yet this is the barron land where satan is holding many of Gods people captured. A place of normality and frustration. Yet this can change for any believer in christ by the simple act of faith. It is difficult to believe this after years of conditioning and a false belief that we don’t deserve or could never obtain more than we have. If that was the case then every one on the planet would be stuck in that barrron land with no hope of moving on. 

You can change how you see any circumstance by the power of thanks and praise. A grateful heart to God no matter what circumstances we face is a pleasing offering to God and will give you a new vison for how you see things. The hardest thing we can do when life hits us hard like a heavy weight boxer is to be thankful. It is easy to complain and to take the route of comparison, but in the end this route will take us off course. Thank God for grace and the ability to place us back on track and lead us to the promise land. Yet why waste so much of life stuck in the wilderness when the journey to the promise land is so short!

Personal note: I have learned and I’m still learning everyday the power of thanks in all circumstances. The hardest times to be thankful are when you are going through trials while you watch someone else in there blessings, yet comparing to them I have found only prevents the blessings flowing into my own life. It is in these times that thanks holds the most power, this is when you can have that break through you have longed for in your heart for many years! Thanks has the power to break every depressing hold of the devil. As someone who has stuggled with depression I have found the best antidote is to be thankful. This releases positivity and sets us free from the slavery of a negative mind and spirit.

Today is Thanksgiving in america. You know something though? Every day for the christian is Thanksgiving, even if we do not have much in terms of posessions and people close to us, we have an eternity of joy to look forward to and a wonderful saviour Jesus who said he will be with us always, even to the end of age.

A thankful heart will bring the break through you have been longing for!

1 thessalonians 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.



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