The power of forgiveness

Why should I forgive them after what they did to me? Surely if we are honest most of us have asked this question at some point. It makes sense right? After all they did hurt you; sometmes that pain seems unbearable and impossible to heal. Our human nature puts up defenses in order to prevent being hurt in the future as we carry the weight of the baggage of past hurts. Yes forgiveness really is difficult!

Yet what of our perception of forgiveness changed? What if instead of thinking they don’t deserve my forgiveness you thought I want to be free from this pain? Did you know that forgiveness is more for our own benefit than the one we are forgiving? Think about, it makes no difference to the other person if you harbour resentment and anger towards them, especially if the one you will not forgive is no longer physically part of your life. Without forgiveness they will always be a part of your life whether you consciously know it or not, forgiveness releases you! Imagine trying to walk while being chained to another person… imagine trying to walk chained to many… it’s so much harder! Forgiveness is hard but there is power in it! They don’t deserve it, but neither do we if we are honest. There are some horrific circumstances and forgiveness never discredits that! It was still horrific and yes justice is deserved. Yet don’t put yourself in the prison cell of unforgiveness, that would be destroying your own freedom to become the best version of you!

The grace of God is giving all of mankind what they don’t deserve… forgiveness. God knows that forgiveness has the power to unlock this great thing called potential, an opportunity to be so much more than we can ever dream or imagine! 

Personal note.. having being raised in the fostercare system and seperated from my parents as a child I had to forgive a lot of people! God has given me strength now but this was a slow and at times painful process. I tell you something though, I no longer carry bitterness, anger or resentment. What happened cannot be changed but God can heal the wounds if we are willing to let him and if we are willing to forgive.

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin us against us. God forgives us… we are set free from our seperation of him. We forgive others… we are set free from our attachment to them. It is a continuous flow of grace that enable us to live with a healed heart and a blessed future. Don’t hold back forgiveness because they dont deserve it because that only prevents you from moving on! 

I was inspired to write this from a ladys post about the hurt of her past. The pain was horrific and understandably being able to forgive is seemingly inpossible. All that can be said is that forgiveness is for your own freedom and future! It is hard thats why we need the strength of Christ, but as I know from experience it is always worth it. To this lady I would say that God loves you and knows your pain, he cares deeply for you and longs for you to live your life in freedom. Ask him for the strength to truly forgive so that you are no longer bound to the shackeles of unforgiveness! You will be free and become all God made you to be! To anyone else struggling in this matter this is for you too.

Romans 3:23 We all fall short of the glory of God

Love and God bless



3 thoughts on “The power of forgiveness

  1. That was such an inspiring post, thank you for sharing your thoughts about forgiveness. I think that everyone suffers at one point or another with this. The important part is to know in our hearts that we may be hurting, but harboring that pain will never help us overcome it. God bless!

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