Break through with a thankful heart

Tired of the same mundane tasks everyday and hoping for a break through? Do you feel life has not rewarded the amount of effort you have put into it? In fact life seems to have punished you more! You didn’t choose the family you were born into, you didn’t choose to live in that neighborhood. It’s not your fault you were born with that condition so no one is blaming you. Do you know what the issue is now you are older? You are still clinging on to the areas you could not change. It hurts you day and night but somehow you are finding strength to push through. It frustrates you that Joe Bloggs finds easy the things you struggle with, you want to quit but you have come so far so you keep going. You become angry and that affects your work. Your boss sees you struggle but doesnt understand so instead just points out all your mistakes. You become discouraged because you feel all your efforts are wasted. Then that dreaded question plays on your mind… what’s the point? Im only gona fail anyway so why bother trying?! Yet you still don’t quit in the hope of that break through. You remind yourself that their is always someone in a worse situation. Atleast I have a job all though its not the one I dream of, atleast I have a home and somwhere to sleep, atleast I have friends and family… you would tell yourself these things and hope to feel better. Then you begin to feel guilty and selfish and back you go to the land of self pity! Oh it seems endless how can I get through this! Why can’t I just enjoy life now instead of hoping to enjoy it later? Torn between self pity, frustration and hope, hope is the only reason you have not given up.

Most people can relate in one way or another to the above. Sometimes years are wasted doing what we don’t want to do. Years that we can’t go back and change, this is the definition of frustration. This is not how God called us to live! Yet this is the barron land where satan is holding many of Gods people captured. A place of normality and frustration. Yet this can change for any believer in christ by the simple act of faith. It is difficult to believe this after years of conditioning and a false belief that we don’t deserve or could never obtain more than we have. If that was the case then every one on the planet would be stuck in that barrron land with no hope of moving on. 

You can change how you see any circumstance by the power of thanks and praise. A grateful heart to God no matter what circumstances we face is a pleasing offering to God and will give you a new vison for how you see things. The hardest thing we can do when life hits us hard like a heavy weight boxer is to be thankful. It is easy to complain and to take the route of comparison, but in the end this route will take us off course. Thank God for grace and the ability to place us back on track and lead us to the promise land. Yet why waste so much of life stuck in the wilderness when the journey to the promise land is so short!

Personal note: I have learned and I’m still learning everyday the power of thanks in all circumstances. The hardest times to be thankful are when you are going through trials while you watch someone else in there blessings, yet comparing to them I have found only prevents the blessings flowing into my own life. It is in these times that thanks holds the most power, this is when you can have that break through you have longed for in your heart for many years! Thanks has the power to break every depressing hold of the devil. As someone who has stuggled with depression I have found the best antidote is to be thankful. This releases positivity and sets us free from the slavery of a negative mind and spirit.

Today is Thanksgiving in america. You know something though? Every day for the christian is Thanksgiving, even if we do not have much in terms of posessions and people close to us, we have an eternity of joy to look forward to and a wonderful saviour Jesus who said he will be with us always, even to the end of age.

A thankful heart will bring the break through you have been longing for!

1 thessalonians 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.



The power of forgiveness

Why should I forgive them after what they did to me? Surely if we are honest most of us have asked this question at some point. It makes sense right? After all they did hurt you; sometmes that pain seems unbearable and impossible to heal. Our human nature puts up defenses in order to prevent being hurt in the future as we carry the weight of the baggage of past hurts. Yes forgiveness really is difficult!

Yet what of our perception of forgiveness changed? What if instead of thinking they don’t deserve my forgiveness you thought I want to be free from this pain? Did you know that forgiveness is more for our own benefit than the one we are forgiving? Think about, it makes no difference to the other person if you harbour resentment and anger towards them, especially if the one you will not forgive is no longer physically part of your life. Without forgiveness they will always be a part of your life whether you consciously know it or not, forgiveness releases you! Imagine trying to walk while being chained to another person… imagine trying to walk chained to many… it’s so much harder! Forgiveness is hard but there is power in it! They don’t deserve it, but neither do we if we are honest. There are some horrific circumstances and forgiveness never discredits that! It was still horrific and yes justice is deserved. Yet don’t put yourself in the prison cell of unforgiveness, that would be destroying your own freedom to become the best version of you!

The grace of God is giving all of mankind what they don’t deserve… forgiveness. God knows that forgiveness has the power to unlock this great thing called potential, an opportunity to be so much more than we can ever dream or imagine! 

Personal note.. having being raised in the fostercare system and seperated from my parents as a child I had to forgive a lot of people! God has given me strength now but this was a slow and at times painful process. I tell you something though, I no longer carry bitterness, anger or resentment. What happened cannot be changed but God can heal the wounds if we are willing to let him and if we are willing to forgive.

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin us against us. God forgives us… we are set free from our seperation of him. We forgive others… we are set free from our attachment to them. It is a continuous flow of grace that enable us to live with a healed heart and a blessed future. Don’t hold back forgiveness because they dont deserve it because that only prevents you from moving on! 

I was inspired to write this from a ladys post about the hurt of her past. The pain was horrific and understandably being able to forgive is seemingly inpossible. All that can be said is that forgiveness is for your own freedom and future! It is hard thats why we need the strength of Christ, but as I know from experience it is always worth it. To this lady I would say that God loves you and knows your pain, he cares deeply for you and longs for you to live your life in freedom. Ask him for the strength to truly forgive so that you are no longer bound to the shackeles of unforgiveness! You will be free and become all God made you to be! To anyone else struggling in this matter this is for you too.

Romans 3:23 We all fall short of the glory of God

Love and God bless


Eyes of faith

You see a Mess…I see a Miracle waiting to happen.
You see someone Hurting…I see someone ready to be Healed.

You see a world of Hate… I see a world of Hope.

You seek Honor and Glory…I seek Humility and God.

You desire Power…I desire Perserverance.

You want Independence… I want Intimacy.

You see through the eyes of Fear… I see through the eyes of Faith.

You trust in Riches.. I trust in Redemption

You rely on Self… I rely on Salvation

You reject the Cross.. I accept Christ

You seek Lust.. I seek Love

You live for Earth.. I live for Eternity

You want to be Prosperous… I want to be Prudent.

You desire Fame… I desire Forgiveness

I am the World… I am the Way

I am lead by Selfishness … I am lead by Selflessness

I cannot Satisfy you … I can Save you

I am a liar… I am a lion, the lamb and the light of the world. Come to me if you are thirsty and you will be staisfied.. I am Christ and all who come to me by faith and believe that I am he will live even though they die. This is faith, this is satisfaction, this is our God!

Going deeper

Life has the tendency to press us down on every side. We have pressure at work, pressure in our relationships, families, homes and ministries. We have expectations set by ourselves or those around us and sometimes feel that life is unbearable. When a longing in the heart is not fulfilled it can make the heart sick. Waiting for a long time can seem like a waste of time and cause resentment and bitterness. Each passing day without living in your expectations can be enough to want to throw in the towl and give up. On and on this list could go.
Why do we prefer the fast food of life? Instant fixes and gratification offered in the moment can mask a broken heart but it will never fix it. Almost everyone will do all they can to avoid the fears and insecurities pressed deep down within each one of us. God in his great love wants us to face those fears and insecurities. This is why when people move off the safe foundation of salvation and start to climb higher with God they fall. God challenges us to go deeper with him which means he will go deeper in us. It is this depth that we discover some of the big issues within ourselves. Its like deep sea diving, the deeper we go the more bezarre and fascinating the things are that we discover. 

Do we dare to go deep if we can’t swim? Is God not our anchor to hold onto? If God is calling us to go deep it’s because he wants us to fully trust him. If God wants us to fully trust him it’s because he wants to bless us. If God wants to bless us then you can rest assure that he will give all you need to obtain that blessing. All you need to do is be willing and take a leap.

Personal note: I took a deep sea dive when God called me to leave the safe shore of my home country and move abroad. I have had to face fears of my own and deal with insecurities. God has invited me to go deeper with him. The deep can be scary if you stop looking at the anchor. It can be overwhelming and tempt you to go back to the safe shore where your feet touch the ground. Yet going deeper is necessary if we are to grow as a christian. It is not easy, but when we refuse to quit we discover that the end result is better than we can ever imagine! To be like Jesus… that is why he calls us deeper, he left that example for us to follow.


Make time count

Im not lazy and im not a procrastinator by nature, Im just afraid that if I am rejected one more time I may explode like an explosive in an incinerator. History has caused my will to fail like a college drop out, now I make excuses just for me to cop out. Tomorrow I say… tomorrow we go on an adventure! Yet tomorrow never comes, saying tomorrow has the same effect as when the father says ‘not now son’. It hurts and it steals valuable time. It creates a false promise that tomorrow will be devine.

24 hours is our daily present, a gift from our maker in heaven. So lets work out an average here… 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 104 days as week ends along with Easter and Christmas and extra holiday days from work or school. 8 hours average sleep, 8 hours work 5 days a week, 8 hours spare. Yet lets add in 1 hour for travelling here and there along with another hour for eating including prepare. 6 hours left on this daily average. Of course there is TV time for soap lovers, showers to take and all these small added things. Our life is packed like a lunch box. So many things, so what do we do? We make use of time wisely. If you travel everyday on a bus or train, you can study on the journey and fill up your brain. If you pray, you don’t need to be in a specific place at a specific time, if you pray to Jesus then prayer can always be in our hearts and mind. You don’t need to wait for a stage to encourage someone or say something good, start where you are in your neighbourhood. Time is what you make of it, so make time count. Do today what you would do tomorrow, then when this day is done… it will be you giving a victory shout!

We don’t have to be robbed by yesterdays missed opportunities. Too much time looking in the rear view mirrow will cause us to miss todays victories. So look forwards and make every second worthwhile… this is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and smile



The mirrow does not lie; but our perception of our own reflection does.

We look into it and cry… why oh why? Can’t I be like that girl or that guy?

Not staisfied, craving for something better or to be someone else.

This endless misery reflected because of a false inspection of our self.

Not realising the uniqueness of our human identity, creating chasms within our hearts and feeling empty.

We fill up the emptiness with lies and hope to be satisfied. Feeling powerless to control this endless endeavour as if our hands are tied.

We strive for a perfection that is not possible to achieve, comparing our reflection to super models in magazines.

Do you not realize that you are already a masterpiece? God made you with a smile on his face, but you don’t want to believe.

You expect perfection to be a face without wrinkles and a body that’s in shape. It’s good to be in shape but it is fake to believe that you are only a masterpiece because you get to that stage.

Do you know why we are a masterpiece? Because we have the hall marks of our creator. We have been stamped with approval, this approval has the power to heal anything that has bruised you.

Next time you look in the mirror and you are hurting, you tell that beautiful person.. ‘I’m not worthless… I have purpose… I am a masterpiece of my creator.. then you say to yourself with a smile.. See you later!’


Hold on weary soul..Hold on!

Get up my weary soul, wake up from your slumber! Tomorrows thoughts can wait, today is more than enough to take. Wake up before the sun arises, pray before todays surprises. Prepare your self before the thunder!

The Eagle catches the wind and sails the sky; the same as a boat catches the wind and sails the oceans. The wind is the force that drives success for the Eagle and the boat; the trust they had was in another force to keep them both afloat.

My soul, you are weary and tired because you are trying to do it all yourself. The God you trust in awaits to give you power; but your trust is in someone else. You are basing your success on the approval of man, you think that success is just having the attitude ‘I can’.

Oh it’s more than that.. more than just self belief. It’s believing that God has the best in store for you even when you feel lost at sea. When the hedge around your heart seems too high and too steep, its then that you need trust that God gives strength to the weak.

It’s hard to keep going when progress seems slow, believe me I know! And I have toiled and pressed on with a weary soul. Yet success has changed meaning in this heart of mine, if today I didn’t quit and I still have faith, then I’m doing just fine!

So my soul hold on… don’t threat when others are given stages while your shedding tears in your room. God sees it all, his reward awaits you. Whether in this life or the next.. holding on to Christ will be what shapes you.

Success.. is not giving up on doing what’s right… It is to refuse to be corrupted by the devils schemes of night.
Hold on to the light! Hold on to the light! Because soon… very soon… God will lift you up on high!


Trust in the surgeon

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, where is it? Where is it?.. I have searched but with no merit. Why are longings in my heart if they are not being fulfilled? I have dug deep into the depths of knowledge, I have cried out to God and been honest. This process of self death makes me feel like I’m slowly being killed. Being on the operating table of a holy God means I must trust in the surgeons skills. If God was a psycho then my fear would cause me to run, but because he is the surgeon I can trust his will to be done. Does this make it easier? No, its a painful experience, but I need these splints to be removed for me to walk better spiritually. Otherwise I would stumble and not be restored, I need God to operate on my life..if he didn’t then I would be set up to fall. We moan when faced with a trial, as if its God against us because he thinks we are vile, well smile because that’s not the case, trials develop character they will never go to waste.

The surgeon knows what he’s doing, you may be thinking what the heck God! Why is it only me struggling, why is Joe bloggs so blessed when I’m struggling to get back up again? I have had enough, it’s too tough my soul is rough and I feel like giving up! That is when faith grows, in the circumstance of the unknown, when your at the red sea and you feel alone and intimidated by the way ahead. This is when you need the faith to believe every word God has said.

‘I love you my child, I am the good shepherd, I will provide, I will make a way because I am the way, I will not hide, you will see ny glory and make history with me, you are free and those that I set free are free indeed’.
Yes, those that the son sets free are free indeed!