Practice makes better…

You can be good at anything, it just means you will be bad at it for while first. Practice makes better, there’s less pressurre on yourself when you say better instead of perfect.


Better a few words

We should have just stopped the conversation, but pride made us talk more.

We could have said goodbye and left it with embracing, being tired caused an onslaught.

Oh how I wish I could turn back time, instead of arguing just say good night.

I know in the morning the sun still shines, but tears are streaming like a flood tonight.

How can such a small issue escalate to this? a suggestion turned into an argument.

I will do my part and say sorry please forgive, lets not simmer on this anymore than we need to.

Next time we will keep the conversation simple, how was your day? No need to give too much info, just a few words for each of us to say.

We spoke too deep for a conversation on the phone, when we speak like this I want to see you face to face.

I love you, I hope that despite this moment our love has grown. In these moments we need grace.

Tears may come at night, but joy comes with the morning. Next time our voices raise let that be our warning.

Its better a few words in love than to speak without intention. A few words in love can prevent a relationships suspension.

So here is for tomorrow, a new day with fresh starts; because if we meditate on yesterdays troubles it will only pollute our hearts


Thrown in the deep end

I remember walking out to sea, when ​suddenly the ground dissapeared under me. I was walking at waist height not expecting a sudden drop. Only a child at the time, I kicked and panicked in the water and thankfully drifted to a shallow part where once again I felt safe. Never had I been so grateful of the ground until after this experience.

When we are thrown in the deep end, we have no idea how we will react. Some panick and go under, some panick and stay afloat, some are calm and just go with the flow. It’s our fight or flight response, however there is not much we can do when faced with the power of the ocean. Have you ever been pushed into something new and felt like the ground beneath you was taken away? Training in a new job; being a parent for the first time, a new relationship, moving house, getting married. The list could go on but you get the point. We are constantly moving into areas where we are no longer comfortable. Sometimes our only option when life throws us in the deep end is to learn how to swim. Some people plan to have a child, others don’t. Either way, they have to learn to be a parent. Some people look for a relationship and find one, others don’t look but someone finds them. Both have to learn how to be co-dependent. Some people move out and others are kicked out, both have to learn independence. 

This is the difference between a swimming pool and the ocean. In a swimming pool you can make your own way to the deep end, in the ocean you have no idea how deep it will get and how quick. In other words, this is the difference between choice and no choice. Life can kick us up the backside or we can kick life up the backside. Sometimes we are ready and other times we are not. Do you know what the key is to being successful when you can no longer feel the ground? Learn how to swim before you enter the deep end. Students study before they enter their career, martial arts experts practice the art everyday, good parents usually come from those who respect their own parents.

Success in life is about being ready in all seasons, then you won’t be caught out by the shock waves of circumstances, you will be ready to overcome them.

Verse: 1thessalonians 5:6

Verse Concepts

so then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober.

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Perfect existence #lifepoem.3

The night sky is adorned like the dress of a bride, so beautiful, when the clouds are not blocking the view and the stars don’t hide. Each star packed with a glory of its own, yet the naked eye has only seen a glimpse of what the universe has to show. If darkness never came the stars would not glow and if the sky was always blocked then we would never know. If the moon wasn’t placed in its position, then tides would be out of control. This amazing light in the sky that enabled man to achieve its highest goal. 

We marvel over the fabricated fractions of our universe, we aim to discover its origins but fail to acknowledge God came first. He could have made the moon empty inside, but so deep is the marks of Gods fingerprints, whenever we dig into something more details we find. The chopped trees rings when we discover its age, the variety of rock formations when we dig tunnels for trains. The clouds that carry rain to the thoughts in our brains. When we consider the depths of Gods creation, our perception of life will change. Its strange, how can we consider all of this to be an accident explained? A big bang made something so deep? please, this theory is insane. Not to mock those who believe it, but think about it? How could a big bang form a valley or a mountain? How can it form oceans, streams and fountains? How come the sun is a perfect distance from the earth? Any closer or further away we would freeze or burn. 

How come life has so many requirements to exist? Why couldn’t life be simple like the wind or the morning mist? Perhaps God made so many facests of life for a purpose, maybe it was to show us that we should never feel worthless. The universe was designed with intenetion, and so were you. You are not an accident that came from a big bang, you are a beautiful created being that God made right through.

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Getting too close to the edge?…. take a break.

Life can push the boundaries of our strength to the point of exaustion. It’s asif we have walked miles into the middle of the dessert to discover we still have miles to go. Like a car that’s ran out of fuel, sometimes we just need to stop for a moment. The test of human strength is not how much we can handle something but how long we can handle it for. Waiting is not something we consider much because waiting makes us feel like we are not progressing. Yet, lets imagine you could see the energy bar of your life, the fuel gage of your strength. If you saw that these levels are rising when waiting you wouldn’t think waiting was a waste of time. We look for a physical manifestation of our success, yet we fail to realise that part of our success is the physical manifestation of the restoration of our souls. When burning the candle at both ends, eventually the candle will burn out. All thats left after this is the drabs of our efforts and our weary selves. Then what do we do?In the christian life boundaries are certainly tested. Why? Because the testing of boundaries and strength is what shapes character and makes a believer more like Christ. If you intend to be a believer in Christ for an easy relaxing life, then I’m sorry to say this but it’s not going to happen if you sincerely want to follow Christ. In fact when we invite Jesus into our life we become more aware of our own sinfulness which causes us to push more and more to better ourselves in every area. When you look at the life of Jesus you see character in everything he did. He chose words carefully, he was aware of his surroundings, sensitve to the needs of others and willing to suffer for those needs. He even tested the boundaries of physical law by walking on water and mulitplying food. Yet who else could test those boundaries than the one who created them right? Yet even Jesus retreated at times from all the business of the crowds surrounding him, the miracles and the teachings.

Luke 5:16 ‘but Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray’.

There are 2 principles here for our life if we are to continue growing in character and make an impact in this world.

1) retreat. Lets make one thing clear here; this is not retreat in the sense of retreating from a battle. This is retreat in the sense of renewing enough strength to go through more battles. Jesus was far from a coward, but he knew where to go for his strength and what he needed to do to get it. In our fast paced modernised society, retreating to a quiet place is like an Oasis for our souls. We need some space in order to re-couperate our thoughts and renew our life ordained focus. Retreating at times is not a waste of time but a catalyst to enable you to make the most of time in the future. What’s better for a person; to do many things and not do them well because of tiredness? Or to do a few things but do them with excellence because of a renewed focus?

2) pray. The strength of every dedicated follower of Christ is rooted in their prayer life. The world changers are the ones who spend more times on their knees than on platforms. It is in those quiet places of prayer that God himself dwells and strengthens what is weak. If we want to reach the world for Christ but are not willing to pray; we should not expect much from God. If Jesus the son of God in the flesh had to pray, how much more should we? Prayer is the anchor in the storm and our stability in this life. This is what will renew our vision and lead us deeper with Christ and his ways. You want to change the world? Then begin on your knees in prayer.

God bless all


One glimpse… is all it takes

Even in such a fast paced world, real beauty can cause us to stop in our tracks and admire. We see the most beautiful man or woman and wonder how can anyone be even better looking than this, then before you know it a new best looking person arrives. We see a sun set, the aurora lights, the stars at night, a great mountain with a great view, valleys and waterfalls and much more. Yet no matter how much we see it, there is always someting that amazes us, something new on the horizon. The sun set is always the same principle, it always sets yet always paints a different picture, the same with the sun rise. All these things are just a small glimpse compared to what God has in store.
One day God will wrap up the universe like a scroll and make a better one. Gods invitation through Christ invites us to be a part of it now and see it in its fullness in the future. We have only ever seen the stars in the distance, either in the night sky standing still or shooting accross the skyline. Imagine being next to the one who created them and seeing them shoot from his hands, now that is something that seems hard to imagine, yet for those who believe in a creator this is the real deal. We have only seen glimpses in this world of the real beauty of Gods creation, the best is yet to come! Stories of those who have been to heaven and come back always say things like, ‘I heard things I’ve never heard before’ or ‘I saw things I never saw before’. It is always hard to explain it, yet this is only the creation part, what about a glimpse of the creator himself?

Whenever anyone in the bible had an encounter with God in his glory they always describe the unimaginable. Moses had such glory after his encounter that his face was glowing, Paul was blinded until someone restored his sight, John was seeing such marvellous things that he fell to the ground multiple times. Yet while Jesus was in human form it wasnt his appearance that was the beauty, it was his character. Here is an important lesson, God works from the inside out. The more we become like Christ on the inside the more beautiful we will appear regardless of how we look on the outside. Eventually the beauty thats created in us will also become manifested in our new eternal bodies, but for now God displays his beauty and glory in us. The world will one day see the glory of Christ in all its fullness along with the body of Christ, that is, his people. Every sickness healed and every tear wiped away. Sometimes on our darkest day, all we need is one glimpse into the future that awaits, because sometimes when the going gets tough and we feel like giving up, one glimpse is all it takes.

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God bless DMZ

Words can cut deep

Why say those words? You know how much it hurts. ‘I don’t care about you no more, I dont love you no more”

Words can cut deep

How do we respond? Do we cause more lain by the words we speak? ‘Don’t speak to me like that, you’re just as bad aren’t you?’

Words can cut deep

When does it stop? Should we stay silent if someone shouts? Or can we change the whole atmosphere just by adjusting the tone of our voice? We have a choice

Words can cut deep

In the end loving actions win, love crushes sin, but in the heat of the moment, where to begin? ‘I forgive you and love you no matter what you say, you don’t mean those words do you? It’s just been a bad day. If this still fails we can always pray.

So if people say the wrong things lets not hold a grudge. Lets not condemn them asif we are the judge. Forgive them, love them, even if theu dont love you back. At least you have done your part do who can argue with that? 

Words can cut deep, so let’s say our words with love, so we can slowly change the world around us like Heaven above.

Wait for it…

Patience! Where are you in this madness?
I’ve been waiting so long for you but you just don’t show up quick enough.
Oh yeah, that’s the whole point of patience, to keep waiting for you while the worlds speeding up.
I take time to eat, brush my teeth and sleep. Yet when it comes to waiting for you, it’s like having itchy feet.
‘I need to do this, I need to be there, go go go!
Then you come along and say, ‘slow slow slow!’
Wo… slow? Are you not seeing the state of this world?
Things need to change quick, I watch the news and it makes me feel sick.
There’s children starving in the world and theres me with a cupboard full of food.
So I’m sorry patience, forgive me for being so rude, but this world needs help, and it needs it soon.

Are you a hero? Doesn’t the sun shine for a while before a monsoon?
Does a crop grow overnight? Doesn’t the ground need both rain and sun light?
Mother nature has not changed its speed, there is enough in this world for everyones need.
It is the ‘I want it now’ syndrome that has created this greed, and your complaining about how many mouths to feed.
Slow down and you will find restoration for your soul,
Slow down and you will see the glory of the Lord.
Did you see the sunrise this morning? Did you hear the birds singing?
These are the moments that keep the world spinning.
The worlds happy to just keep on sinning, there seems to always be time for that.
Have a little patience and you will gain your soul back.
I am always ready for anyone willing to wait,
but if you don’t want to see the world the way I do, then carry on and let the tide sweep you away.

Patience.. it is worth waiting for. It doesn’t make sense while this character trait is being developed in us. It takes time and it can be painful. Yet if we want a clear perspective in this world and to hear Gods voice, then sometimes we need to be still, wait and listen. Once we have heard clearly, we can act clearly. This is how we help change the world for better.


Hidden pain #lifepoem.1

To the outside world my appearence is normal. Nothing different it seems, drawn together like a pair of curtains but they don’t realize I’m hurting. 

Wounds lay deep beneath the surface, if you want to find my pain then you need to start searching.

I have become an expert at wearing a mask, I sit before God and as the psalmist said, search me I ask. 

I’m afraid that if I express whats laid deep people would think I’m a freak, so I keep it quietly wrapped up like a parcel, but sometimes what’s locked up releases its arsenal. 

Then suddenly I’m considered the villian, just because the pain in me started spilling. I’m not committing murder but Im still killing, not physically but relational, causing divisions but I don’t hate you! 

Please understand that it’s not me speaking but my pain, I don’t want to hurt you and I’m not insane! I have lost loved ones, lived in darkness and failed in areas of life. I have hurt those close to me, sometimes I create an atmosphere that can be cut with a knife. 

So intense, when I act like this its a cry for help, don’t push me out, maybe you would act the same if you felt what I felt. 

I trust in God but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel, I live by faith but I’m still a human being and I still feel. 

My faith doesn’t prevent pain, it helps me through it. When I’m tempted with evil its the voice of faith that says don’t do it. 

So this is my expression of pains lesson, dont lock it up! This will only create aggression! Release it in a way that is none destructive, then maybe pain can be used to catapult us to be productive.


Male and female – He created them. (You are not an accident made out of matter – but you are important and you do matter!)

 A proposed law in claifornia and other proposes by individuals in Canada and the UK and other places seem to be stuck in a severe identity Crisis, stating that there should be no male or female identity. I don’t know how this affects you but it makes me angry. It makes me angry because if this becomes a law, children will be born and raised with confusion of who they are and this will be considered the norm! No longer being able to refer to the opposite sex as the opposite sex can only bring destruction for humanity. Is this too harsh to say? No! Consider the affects of this move if it reaches a global scale, God forbid it does! The next generation will be stuck in a whirpool of sexual confusion, they will be indecisive and not understand how to identify who they are, they wil be psychologically confused wondering why they are different to others if they are all considered the same… and on and on this could go. Just because the minority agree with this does not mean that it is right. Do we call a cat a dog? Do we now consider trees to be blades of grass? Do cows bark now and dogs moo? No, why? Because that’s not how they were created to be.

Don’t get me wrong, humans are made with a far higher responsibility and value than animals and nature, nevertheless, we still know deep down who and what we are. How much comprimise will it take before we realize that denying our God given sex is pretty much denying our existence as a created human being. If this is too harsh then stop reading this post. I don’t want to be a la-de-da christian swaying with the winds of change and accepting every change that could contribute to the destruction of humanity. This is not what we are called for and the time is now to speak. This is not to judge and condemn those who are implementing these changes, Gods grace is for them too. However, maybe if those implementing these changes took a step back and observed the dangers of these changes they would see the consequences. You wouldn’t cross a road without looking ahead so why make such big changes without weighing the risks. People pleasing is exhausting because it is impossible to do. If those in charge aim to please everyone then it will cause nothing but divisions and confusion.

What about you christians? Don’t you aim to implement changes with what you believe? Good question. The church(christians) are called to be light and salt on the earth Matthew 5:13-16. Light exposes darkness and salt is used as preservation and to bring out flavor. Jesus gave us a command which all the law hangs on, this is.. love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself Luke 10:27. If we loved as Jesus did then the changes would always be for the better. Sadly we the church have not been the best representative of our God, for that we are sorry. Yet how can we keep quiet when there is so much injustice and disregard for the value of life. You are important, does the curriculum teach you that? No you are taught you are here by accident and that life is just an accident. Then people destroy each other and we wonder why? If we do not see ourselves as valuable and life as precious then we will always make decisions based on selfish desires, and the foundation of society will always crumble away. That’s why abortion is accepted, that’s why we get married and divorced, thats why we say things like ‘theres no gender’, ‘live how you want’, ‘theres no God’. If love is not the foundation of a society the society will eventually begin to crumble away. We are the ones left then to pick up the pieces and rebuild it. 

What can we do to change this? If you are a parent, teach your children they are loved and valuable. If you are a teacher, teach your students they are loved and valuable. If you are a human being, know that you are loved and valuable! You are not a cosmic mistake that just exists by chance. You are a purposely made human being. Do you know why many people destroy each other? Its because they don’t know this. This understanding is a solid foundation laid by God himself. The world is trying to remove the God of Christianity but don’t realize that doing that they are removing the foundation. A lot of good principles came through christianity, the bad history is because of miss-understandings, this is another post all together. 

If we saw each other in the light of Christ we would acknowledge our uniqueness and love and respect each other. Male and female, God created them. Gen 5:2 and do you know something else, he also blessed them. If we remove our identity as male and female, we also remove the blessing that God intended for us.

You are important!

Peace and grace