The depths of grace

If you have been rescued from the muddy mire of your sins, then the grace of God takes on new heights and depths. We may say thanks when God forgives us for stealing a pen from work or telling a small white lie. But when God forgives us for something far more extreme like sexual sin or violence, then grace takes on a whole new meaning, it makes less sense the more serious the sin. Would God really forgive a murderer? Would God really forgive the pimp or the prostitute? Would God really forgive the pedophile? That last one is especially very difficult to grasp! Yet here is the crazy undeniable truth about grace, when someone turns to Christ with sincere repentance then yes they can be forgiven. This doesn’t seem fair right? One sin can keep a person from heaven no matter how small. ‘I’m a good person’, you may say, ‘I have helped the poor and brought medicine to the sick, I haven’t broke the law of the land and have done the best I can’. Yes the world is full of good decent people despite the amount of bad news, the good people far out number the bad. Here is the sad truth, and we need to really grasp this in order to understand the depths of grace.

The world is full of good people but not a single person is perfect. It takes a perfect record to enter Heaven, yet not one of these good people is good enough to enter Heaven! We may have kept the law of the land (and this is a great thing to do) but we have failed to keep the law of Heaven. When you thought about revenge but never took it, you broke the law of Heaven. When you talked bad about so and so but didn’t say it to their face, you broke the law of Heaven. When you saw someone in need and could help but didn’t, you broke the law of Heaven. When you looked at that person with lustful eyes but didn’t act on it, you broke the law of Heaven.
Now that puts a lot of good people outside of Heaven because one broken Heavenly law keeps a person bound to hell. This is not fair right? How is it possible to get into Heaven then? ‘I am doomed, I am far worse than most people! especially in my thought life, so how can I get to Heaven?!’ And why should I be good if at the end of this life I am bound to hell?! Before we get to the remedy of our predicament, it’s important to note that as someone speaking from a christian perspective we seem to shy away from speaking about hell. Some have fallen to the false teaching of universalism and believe that one day all will be saved. Some believe in purgery, that is the belief that people will go to a hell for a time to pay for their sins and then be released, others believe God is too loving and kind to allow a place called hell for people to end up in. I am sorry to be the one to tell you, hell is real, and it is a terrible place to end up in! If universalism is true then Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross for nothing, if purgery is true then Christ can’t have paid for our sins on the cross and if there is no hell then what did Jesus die for?! Broad is the way to hell, do you know what this means? It means that there are many ways to get there and many people freely choose it. Narrow is the way to heaven, this means that there is only one entry point. Its like a motorway compared to a one way country lane. I think you get the drift right?

So where do we stand as a human race before a holy God who can only take a perfect record for Heaven?
If my record was not swapped for Jesus perfect record the day I believed in Jesus, then I dread to think how long my list of sins would have been. It would be like that filing cabinet from the film Bruce Almighty, it would seem like a small list at first, but when compared to the holiness of a perfect God the list is far bigger than I anticipated. The good news is that Heaven too is real and is far greater than our finite minds can imagine. Take the greatest place on earth along with the greatest feeling and mulitpy it many times over, now we are getting close to what Heaven is really like. Yes, be excited! All the hardship of earth, all the unfair treatments, all the losses and all the pain you have ever been through will be washed away through the blood of Jesus when you stand in heaven. How did you get there? Through Gods grace and your faith. Did you tick all the boxes and do everything right? No, but Jesus ticked every box nessecary for entering Heaven, these ticked boxes are also on your record the day you believe in him. 

To understand the depth of grace, we had to understand more of what Jesus has truly saved us from. If we do not realize the horrors of hell and the consequences of our sins, then we would not fully grasp the grace of God. Do not be afraid, only believe! Grace leads us home, God wants none to perish but for all to come to the knowledge of him. Sadly many choose the broad way, I hope that you who read this post up to this point may make a decision to believe in Jesus. Follow the link below after the prayer for what next in your walk of faith.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I come before you now knowing that i am a sinner in need of your saving grace. I sincerely ask you for forgiveness for all the wrongs I have ever done. Please write my name in the book of life and give me your perfect record. Thank you for the cross and your sacrifice for me. I ask this in jesus name, amen.

You may not feel any difference after that prayer, but if you meant it you can trust that you are going to heaven. It is the begginning of a journey. Below in the link are steps for new christians. Please see it as it explains far more for you.

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Welcome! God bless you and much love from…



Make a house a home

A house is just a house when there is nobody there.

like a mirage in a desert, it appears empty and laid bare

Like a beach with no people, or an ocean without tides
Can a house be a home if there’s nobody inside?

A home is a place of rest after a long day of work
Put your feet up and drink some tea, this much you deserve

So what is it that makes a house a home?
Is it the people who are in it or the posessions we own?
Is it the guests that come in and say ‘oh this place is nice?’
Or is it a place where you can grow in this gift that’s called life?

Whether alone or with someone else, ask yourself,
what is it that makes this place a home and not a house?
You want to know the answer? Do you have a mirrow on the wall?
Well take a look at your reflection, your about to know for sure..

What makes a house a home? The answer.. it is you
Your the answer to this question, and all your loved ones too.
So let this home be filled with joy and laughter, let good memories be made,
May there be a happy ever after, in every single way

How do I blog? Simple question, feel free to respond…

I’m just going to throw this out there to any experienced bloggers, I am quite new to the bloggers world. Yes I have wrote blogs and had responses but where does a blogger go when there are so many things to write about? As a christian I love writing about faith and teachings of Christ; as a poet and song writer I love writing songs and poems, and as someone who genuinely has interest in the things of life I just love to write about life in general. Yet I realize that you cannot write in every area and have great success in a blog right? People who search for blogs are looking for consistency in what is wrote and something that interests them. So I want to approach this blogging world humbly and ask you, what are the best ways for successful blogging? How can we draw a following and invest well in this? How can a blog become something more? Like a platform for a business or a structured work of art. Something like this takes time and investment, but it’s worth discovering how to make this investment worthwhile.

So, fellow bloggers, what tips do you have? Any advice is much appreciated. After all, we bloggers are all in the same boat right? 

Thank you for your input!

The big day! The wedding day + marriage

Emotions running high, all these years of waiting and the day has finally come! It’s been so hard to get to this point, so many challenges and so many temptations. I could have thrown it all away, I could have stopped waiting, but I refused to quit. Let me just put on this bow tie, I take a deep breath and look in the mirrow. ‘God’, I say to the man in the mirrow, ‘thank you for making me who I am today!’ Tears roll down both of my cheeks, tears of joy and gratefulness. It’s been such a long journey filled with valleys and mountain tops, but this is certainly the highest point so far! ‘Oh I don’t deserve this beautiful woman you have given me!’ This thought passed through my mind, I look up with an expectant response from God. The Lord just smiled at me and said, ‘no one deserves anything good, but it brings joy to my heart to give good gifts to the children of my Father’.

My confidence rose as these words empowered me. I wana dance and sing, so i did, why shouldn’t I express myself this way? I started thinking of the bride, ‘I wonder if she is as excited as me?’ I thought to myself. I know how much she loves me and I her, there’s no reason for doubt. We know we are meant to be, after all it was God who brought us together, and what he joins no man can seperate.
‘Oh my, its time to go’, butterflies turned in my stomache, it’s time.

The congregation wait in expectancy for the bride. I’m already standing becoming more nervous as time passes by. ‘This is it’, I thought to myself, ‘the big moment is here!’. I smiled and then it happened. The music played, and in walked the beautiful woman I fell in love with. Wrapped up in purity and shining like the sun as she elegantly walked down the aisle. The crowd gazed upon her, every eye fixed upon this magnificent beauty that God created. She looked towards me in her approach, I secretly pinched myself to check that this was real. My best man looked over and smiled, ‘oh its real’ he thought. It was almost asif I heard him out loud, yep that’s why he’s my best man.
‘She’s looking at me, oh its like falling in love over again! shh, get a grip and focus. She’s going to be my wife, wow she’s stunning!’ A full on conversation was going through my mind. ‘Wow look at his eyes, so beautiful, oh thank you God!’ She said without moving her lips, the eyes say it all. We have come to this point where we don’t need to say words to comunicate, sometimes just the way we look at each other speaks more than words could say. The vicar approached us with a booming proud of this moment face and a bible in his hand. He looked at us both with a smile, then turned to the crowd of people and spoke. ‘We are gathered here today’, he said with such confidence and joy, ‘to celebrate the wonderful gift of marriage, and the joining of…’

Marriage is a wonderful gift that God has given to the human race. The gift of man and woman joining together was illistrated in the first book of the bible and has continued ever since. This wonderful picture described above is only the day itself, marriage is not just a day, its the rest of our God given lives. We prepare for the wedding day, we want it all to be perfect. The bride wants the beautiful dress, the best man wants to organise the best bachelor party possible, the groom wants everything to run smoothly. Yet this is just for the day, marriage itself is a lifetime.
It takes faith to commit to marriage; faith that you can make it work no matter what obstacles are ahead, faith that you will grow together in love and harmony, faith that God will help. It is exciting, it is an adventure and for those called to be married it is worth pursuing. Honor God, honor your wife and husband and God will honor you. Praise God for this beautiful gift!