The right key

Keys are essential in life. It’s how we get into our cars, homes, work places and any other important places. Keys were created to undo locks, locks were created to keep things safe. Each key designed for a certain lock, you try the wrong key and it will be difficult to get in without breaking an entry. We all know this though right? It’s pretty obvious when we try the wrong key, and yes its frustrating too because no matter how much we try it just doesn’t fit properly. It’s even worse when it fits but doesn’t turn, so close but still no good.

So we all have some kind of logic of what key fits where and how to use keys. Yet lets metaphorically flip this lesson about keys on its head. What if we call the lock our life and the key whatever we believe fits well. Lets say that satisfaction is what we have locked up, this is what we are aiming to unlock. We use many keys to do this, lets break it down to 3 keys:

1) The key of success: This is a big lock with a big key. Many search for success as a fulfllment of hapiness. It’s good when we study to achieve, when we graduate and when we are promoted, these things do bring a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. There’s an old expression that says, all work and no play takes the joy of life away. What do we gain by spending all our time working and have no time to enjoy our earnings? Its easy to be swallowed up by the commitment to our work or studies and miss out on valuable time with friends and family. We can focus so much on our future that we miss out on the present, the present is a gift, enjoy it.

2) The key of admiration: Deep down ingrained in every one of us is the desire to be admired. Admiration is the natural longing of the human heart, the difference lies within how we fulfill this longing. Some look to fame and focus on things such as; appearence, talent, money, posessions and popularity. They base admiration upon the fortune cookies of success and wear it like a medal round the neck. Others look to be admired for the good that they do. A sense of significance is found as they attribute to society and make a difference. Now its good to commit to a cause, help the poor and make a good difference in the lives of others, but what’s the motive? Do we do it so we look good in the eyes of others? Or do we do it out of a love for others and to make a difference for their benefit? We want to be admired as a good worker, a good partner, a good father and mother, a good son and daughter and on the list of admiration continues. Some want to be admired as the toughest kid, the hottest girl, the meanest gangster or the biggest guy in the gym. So some admirations are plausible and others not so. Admiration is good when we the motivation is right.

3) The key of love: Yes, the big L word, of course there are other big L words but this one has the key to our hearts. Love is searched for in many ways. Loves main pursuit is always through relationships. Our family relationships being the foundation, out of this comes friendships and of course our partners to start our own families. On and on the circle of love continues. However, when the circle of love is broken love is searched for in different ways and begins to take on different names. Love can become confused with lust. This is what has caused so many ‘crimes of passion’ as they are called, when an x partner takes revenge because ‘love’ has come to an end. If love can turn to hate and create such horrific outcomes then the question is whether is was really love in the first place? Anyway thats another message all together for another time. Right now is about the right key. When the offer of love is rejected it creates a desperation in the human heart. We were created for love and all long for it, sadly love has carried wounds ever since mankind turned from its creator. Wounds that can only be healed through the creator himself.

Being in love is great, love from our family is necessary, strong friendships of love and devotion are timeless. Yet when we choose to offer our hearts to the locksmith himself it holds a power like no other. A power that can unlock all the love that we need because he who holds the key is love. The right key is the key of our maker. We can try everything under the sun to find satisfaction, and yes we will be satisfied at times, but if we want a true, everlasting satisfaction, then we need to allow our maker to unlock our hearts and guide is into his satisfaction. No longer will the lyrics ‘I cant get no satisfaction’ resignate with you, you will be satisfied.



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