Root season

Have you ever been in a sitiation where it seems you are literally hanging on to life by nothing but a thread? You think that this is it, how will I possibly make it through this? It is those times when your made redundant, when you can no longer pay the bills. It is those times when the world around you seems to cave in, when you loose a loved one or when you realize your friends were never really friends. The hard times came and they left you, true friends stand by you.

These are what can be called a ‘root seasons’. It is a season when you have the opportunity to dig deeper into the riches of God. These are the times when our roots can grow deeper into his love and grace. If you have deep roots you wont be shaken by the storms of life. Think about it, after a hurricane the only trees left standing are the ones with deep roots. Embrace this root season. Read the bible, pray and worship, thank God that he is working in the waiting, thank God that ultimately he will bring good out of your circumstances. Root seasons are times for our faith to develop and our character to be strengthened. We dont have to be shaped by our circumstances if we allow ourself to be shaped by God instead. What happens then is that God will use our circumstances to develop our faith and character. If you can’t run from something then embrace it, you can’t beat God so join him. It may mean carrying your cross, but what happens after the cross? Its the ressurrection! New life precedes our hardship and pain. Did Jesus have to die again on the cross? No, he was raised eternally in glory. The same awaits all who willingly follow Christ. Yes its tough, but glory awaits us so don’t give up! Let this season make your roots grow deep, then you will stand strong when life shakes you!



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