The epiphany of life

Who told you you’re not good enough? Who said that you’re a mistake? Who said that you should give up? Who told you you’re a fake? 

Maybe this was said from someone who was in pain, the only way to escape what they felt was to make you feel the same. That way they wouldnt feel so lonely in their suffering, so they try to bring you down to make themself come back up again. In most cases they dont want to say what hurts, but they say it because no matter what they do nothing seems to work. They’ve tried to keep there self together, they tried to wear a mask, but suddenly what’s buried deep comes out from the traumas of the past. It all happens so fast, a bad word is spoken in haste, this hurts deep, the only way there can be healing is through grace. There’s no time to waste, when someone hurts you dont hide your face, show them that you care, dont let this make you hate, because this is what caused the problem in the first place.

When someone shouts at you over something small, this is an indication that something hurts within their core. You drop a plate in the kitchen and your mama calls you an idiot, in her mind that plate had memories, so when it smashed she was afraid that this would make her forget. It seems silly, but this is how we humans attach to things, when an object holds a memory its like a precious diamond ring. Letting go of something precious stirrs something deep inside. Thats why most the time we find somewhere in our heart for these memories to hide. It is when our connection to that memory shatters, when we ask ourselves how did this happen? Then we wake up and realize that some day we need to let go, it is letting go that makes room for us to grow. 

When we become a teenager we let go of things we did as a child. We stop collecting pokemon cards, we stop playing with toy cars and learn to drive a real one, we no longer wake up early just to watch cartoons, we begin to realize sometimes life is hard, we begin to respect our Dad and mum, we are then officialy an adult, oh how that day came so soon! We thought we would stay young forever but age crept up on us, and then before we know it we are 18, 21, 30 and so on… we look back at where we came from, think about those who are gone, then we look forward and move on. 

Our age teaches us wisdom as we learn from our mistakes, sometimes we do the same things wrong that we did in the first place. Patterns of behaviour can be hard to break, if they were formed in our child hood it becomes a character trait. So we grow up with insecurities and impurities, issues that come out when we are older or go through hard times, but when these issues come to the surface its an opportunity for your character to be refined, once the flac is skimmed away then its your chance to shine. So don’t let fear make you run away, stay on track and do not sway, life is for living so live it today. This is the epiphany of life.



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