The future..which road shall I take? (a poetic expression)

There comes a time when we can no longer use our past as an excuse to define us, when we keep looking back it’s like looking out the window with blinds down. There’s a beautiful view out there but we can’t see it because what we are focusing on temporarily blinds us, so we need to wind up the blinds and allow the sun to shine on us. Would we walk down the street looking behind us? That would be dangerous, we could walk into a lampost or a car, train or bus.

The future is ahead, its like a one way system, you can only keep moving forward in one direction. Yet many roads are on this one way system, it’s up to us which one we are selcting. Gods way? My way? Or the highway? If I choose my way I wonder if one day I could change lanes? Hum, that way could possibly lead to fame, that way would be insane! Or maybe I should stay on the road I know so that nothing will ever change. 

What would future me say to present self? What would present me say to past self? Present me would have said make the most of those school years, your education is important for your future, listen carefully to your tutor. Present me would have said, don’t listen to those who only say bad things to you, keep doing the right thing. because this is right to do. If only I took present me’s advice, then I could have avoided so many dark nights with no head lights.

You cannot expect future you to speak to present self, if we know the right choice to make today then we needn’t live in doubt. Look forwards not back, read the signs and stay on track. The future is every moment, not just in many years time. So let todays choices make a better tomorrow… message to all mankind.


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