Cherish every moment

Every second of life is a gift, it is a moment to be cherished, a moment that we can choose to keep or throw away. Sometimes we do not have a choice but to wait. We get stuck in traffic, we wait for documents and contracts, we wait for marriage, we wait for our children to be born, we wait for them to grow and so and so forth. In a new age where everything is like fast food, instant this and instant that, instant gram and instant messenger, it is amazing how impatient we have become. We get stuck in traffic and beep at the person in front even if they can’t move, we wait for our documents but moan because its taking too long, we want marriage and then want divorce, we want kids and then can’t wait for them to move on. This is not to say that people don’t want to be married or keep there children, it just seems to be that once we have what we want we want something else. 
Why is this?
This is because we live in an instant age. What happens when everything is quick and easy is this:

1) We learn not to appreciate things as much. If you wait a long time for a good meal it is much more enjoyable. A quick McDonalds may be okay but it wont beat steak thats been marinated for 28 days.

2) We loose our patience. How long will you wait on your computer while it buffers? Most people won’t wait 1 minute, see how long you last next time it happens. Patience is a good character trait but it takes time to develop.

3) We actually notice less details in life. Think about it, if everything is quick and your patience is wearing thin you will stop paying attention to details. It takes patience to pay attention. So you never noticed your girlfriends new hair cut or your mums new car? Too busy on instant something. Woman, your man just said something nice but your mind was in the technological world. Pay attention because you may miss these beautiful details. It seems cliché to speak about the distraction of technology while writing a post about it, but this is the best way to reach those distracted by it.

So these are just 3 of the many reasons why instant is not always the best way. Of course we always want transport in an instant, pain to be gone in an instant, our character to be built in an instant and so on. Sometimes however we just have to let life marinate a bit, like that steak. It is when things marinate that flavor begins to come out. Instead of scrolling down FB for an hour (I have done this many times) we could instead take a nice walk and absorb the fresh air, green trees and listen to the beauty of nature. Can you hear that? Its birds singing, would you have noticed this if you were on your phone? Can you hear the water, the leaves blowing in the wind? Sometimes its in these places where we begin to hear the voice of God again. Shhh, be still and know… he is there. It is hard to see him when our minds are stuck on instant mode. Its when we step back and take a breath that our minds begin to focus again. Like looking through a microscope, we begin to see the details of life again.

Here’s a challege if its possible for you to do it, I will give this a go myself. Spend one day off technology, go out and take your bible along with your wife, partner children, or just take yourself if you are single right now. Remember Christ is with us always so we are never alone anyway. Spend the day with Gods creation, go to the woods, streams, mountains, valleys or any other place where Gods Creation is. Take your bible and a notepad. Pray and ask God to speak to you, write down what comes to mind and search the bible. Let the peace of God rest on you as you listen to the natural sounds around you. Take a break from the rushing of life and absorb some time with the author of life itself. You only need one glimpse of God, one touch from his hand or one word from his mouth to empower you to continue in life. You only need one day with the Lord, you will see from this that love will grow, patience will develop, your mind will find rest, your heart will flow with love and people in your day to day life will begin to see the glory of Christ in you. We need the sweetness of life back again, so take a bit of time for it to marinate.


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