The unkown…

It can be a scary place… the unkown. We all must go there sometime. I hear you calling me, how do you know my name if I don’t know you? 

I look over to the distance… the future is calling me. That’s how you know my name right? One day you and me will be acquainted, no longer the unknown but close friends.

I see the distance between us right now, even Mo Farah would struggle with that. Yet I’m not phased by distance, because from now until then is the exploration time.

Yes you wait there in the distance…I will be there soon. Wait… am I not already there? If your the future then you are not just in the distance, your right there in front of me. 

Time only ticks forwards, that means that every tick is a glimpse of the future. So I already know you, yet you still seem so unknown. 

So this is a parallax, you change whenever I move position. One moment you seem so far away, the next we can have a staring competition. 

So close yet so far… yes you are. Sometimes I see far ahead like a light shining through the dark, yet sometimes I can’t see the next step, there’s not even a spark.

It’s a strange but wonderful thing… the unknown. It is a place that takes courage to reach, a place where some won’t take the next step. Yet, how can the unknown become known if we never take a step?



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