Stepping outside the ‘comfort’ box

How limitless are the thoughts for you’re future? Or should it be said, how limited? Is the glass half full or half empty?
Many people deny the potential they have simply by believing they have no potential. They fall at the first hurdle and throw in the towel, ‘this is too hard’ they will say. ‘There’s no point, I give up”. Many people think this but never say it, many people say it but never do it, still many people say it then do it. They give up. The key to this lesson in life is to remove the option to quit. All will start with the thought and that’s where it should stop, sadly if it doesn’t stope there… well you know what happens. If you have a plan, or better yet believe in a God who has a plan for you, then here are a few steps to success… 

  • Remove the option to quit. 

A bodybuilder aiming to be the worlds strongest man would not expect to be in shape after a few gym sessions. It takes time and dedication, it is a commitment that he would ritually follow through as often as possible. The same for the buisness person that wants to set up their own buisness, they need to learn how to run a buisness and maintain it. The same for the athlete, the musician, the actor or the parent that wants the best for their children. One simple factor that makes all of these people heroes in their own way, they would never give up. Winston Churchill said this, “success is the ability to move from one failure to another without loosing enthusiasm”. So hang in there, don’t you quit.

  • Never stop believing 

Remember the excitement you had when you discovered what you wanted to achieve? Or when God himself cast out his vision to you? You were invigurated and full of passion and enthusiasm for this vision. Yet it was much harder to keep that when things didn’t go to plan. You couldn’t get that big place for your business so you settled for a smaller one. The team you started with has changed and they are not quite what you expected. You have worked many hours and not seen much fruit for your labour. Yes these are the challenges that face every person that wants to step out the comfort box. In these times it is about keeping your belief and making the most out of what you do have. So your team has changed, teach them and help them to grow. You didnt get the big place then make the most out of this one until you get a bigger one. Not seeing fruit for your labour? Keep planting seeds and watering what you have already planted, you are guaranteed a harvest if you don’t quit, its the law of sowing and reaping. How strong we believe in what we aim to achieve will be our anchor through every wind of change. This is how we keep stable in a world that seems to be toppling with the pressure and demands of life.

  • Never loose focus

So you have made a choice not to quit, you have your belief now all you need to do is remain focused. Writing this from a christian perspective and on a journey in this gift called life, the most important aspect for me is to keep eyes fixed on Christ. Focus is how you pay attention to detail, it is what could get you out of that financial difficulty or guide you to what step to take next. We live in an age of billboards, video games and social gatherings that can easily lead us the opposite way of where we need to go. We need what can be termed as ‘tunnel vision’, you see the light, you know where you need to go, neither look to the right or left and keep focused. Of course life may throw tragedies at us, we may have to take a break to recuperate. These things are extremely important to bear in mind when wanting to achieve goals and accomplish Gods will. Rest is important, social times are important, you are important! So don’t let your vision crush the person you are, if God has given the vision he knows how to take care of both the vision and you so pay attention to his leading. Even with all these things and possible set backs and failures, we can still remain focused. Keep planting, keep watering and keep watching, you will see the fruit when the season comes.

Sometimes we need to step out our comfort box and explore beyond those walls. It is when we take this risk that we discover how capable we are, how mighty God is, and how the future has endless possibilities. You cannot see all that when you live in a box, step outside and watch the world transform around you, and watch how God transforms you once you’ve took a leap of faith

God bless



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