Lents poetic interview…How did you do?

“How was lent? Did you do well”?
‘I must be honest, I was on and off with my commitments. I started well and excelled, and then I had a tough day and I fell. Oh well, is what I used to say, but this time I refused to accept this as defeat. Quick, get back up on your feet! I would say this to myself like a record stuck on repeat’. 

“Did you give something up for lent?”

‘Its not so much that I gave something up, its more a case of starting something new’. “What was this”? It was a commitment to remain positive, this was so hard when I had a bad day and was thinking to myself I have had enough of this. Yet, step by step I guess there was change, I just need to keep it going now that we’re at the end of lents days.’

“Do you consider lent to be religious”?

‘I am a believer of Jesus, so of course I see its significance. He was tempted by the Devil for 40 days and refused to give into his ways. Lent is the build up to the crucifixion and resurrection, it is a chance to stabalize our commitment to God, to improver our spiritual perception. Yes I admit that it takes strength to give or start something up, and to keep it going after lent is over. This is commendable, but if we only do it to prove ourself then we are missing the point. Lent is a chance to refocus on the cross and to meditate on the ressurrection hope. So do I believe it is religious? I believe it is faith, so my answer would have to be no.’

“Isn’t religion and faith the same?”

‘If Christianity is religious then it becomes a set of rules, we become like the sadducees and pharisees who Jesus considered fools. Faith, even as small as a mustard seed, is about belief, to believe in something or someone means to trust. To have hope means to have faith, to believe God loves us, without having to tick all the boxes takes faith. Religion puts on pressure to comform, faith releases us to transform. So having faith as a christian is about having hope that outmeasures our circumstances, this is what lent takes, a little bit of faith and a whole lot of Gods grace.’

“So is lent worth being a part of?

‘Yes it is, without a doubt. You may slip up on some days in commitments but God is there to help us out. If lent is just an opportunity to give something up, why wait until lent? If it is an opportunity to seek God, then this is time well spent. I have stumbled many times during this time, the key is to keep looking forward, never look behind. So yes lent is worth doing and God is worth pursuing.’

“Thank you for sharing this”.

You are welcome



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