What’s the key to success this lent?

So, we are coming to that time of year where many believers around the world follow the footsteps of Jesus through lent. Learning from the 40 days of testing in the wilderness we set our selves personal goals for those 40 days or 46 according to western Christianity as it begins on Ash Wednesday and concludes on Holy Saturday. We  aim to pray more, study the word more, give up tea or chocolate and many more things. It is a time of developing our character and even aiming to get rid of some bad habits. Yet, how many of us keep our commitment? How many times do we get back up if we fail one day? Or do we stop at the first herdel.

The most important part of lent is keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus himself. If we are only aiming to better ourselves without looking to the  reason for lent in the first place, then why are we only doing this during the time of lent? It has been proved that 40 days is enough time to break bad habits and create good ones. It is also proved that 40 days has some significance through the bible. After 40 days on the mountain of the Lord, Moses returned to the camp with the glory of the Lord shining from his face (exodus 19-24). After 40 days Elijah had the strength to face what God had called him to do (1 kings 19) After 40 days Jesus began his ministry (Matthew 4). 40 days precedes something glorious from God when its done for him. So the most important thing for us to remember during lent, if we are choosing to fast. It is to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. If we have struggled in faith then this is a great opportunity to get back to our foundation, to re-boost our faith through focus and commitment. It is a time where we can become consistent at whatever we set our hearts and minds to do. 40 days really can set in motion a change for the rest of our life. Fasting is not just giving something up, it can also be starting something new. When we give something up, we usually replace it with something else, so why not use this time as an opportunity to do just that.

So what’s the key to success this lent? Keep eyes fixed on Jesus, let the holy spirit help and remember that millions around the world are also committing there selves to this. Be diligent and keep going even if you stumble. It will be worth it in the end. This will be the last post until after Easter so have a good one all. God bless. 



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