Crazy love

Will you walk the extra mile with me? Will you love me even when I make mistakes? Would you seal love with a kiss? Or would your love for me be fake? A diamond is tested by examination, if its fake it will break easily. If its real then the value is far more, depending on the size and how rare it is. True love is more precious than diamonds and more valuable than gold, truth be told it is available for all to be able to hold. You can buy diamonds if you are rich, but love is not expensive. It costs nothing to give a hug, say something nice and smile. It costs no money to listen and stay with someone a while. It may cost your time but its time worth investing, fake love won’t last, true love will, even when it is tested.So buckle up and get ready for a generation rising up filled with crazy love. Love that never gives up and always keeps hope, this is a love worth living for, a love that is seen without a microscope. Let it be visable and shine in this darkness, who knows maybe this love can reach out to even the most heartless. Love, its crazy when its sacrificial, so let’s love this way and get rid of the superficial. The world needs love like this, the world needs Heaven to come down and greet earth with a kiss.



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