When friendship grows apart.

Sometimes you have looked at me like a stranger, am I not your best friend anymore?

I know the power of rejection, what it feels like when someone slams the door.

I know sometimes I hurt you, this was only because I was hurting too.

Sorry my friend, I hope its okay if I still call you that?

Why let friendship end? If I send you a message will you message back?

So we have a differences, so what? We dont see much now days or talk a lot.

Age has played a part in our seperation. We grew up and grew apart, its the pattern of every generation.

But dont treat me like I dont exist if you see me. Or act like a movie star thats been on TV.

Seriously, we were so close, true friendship shouldn’t end just because we changed posts.

This isn’t me begging for a new start, just an old friend sharing some of my heart.

We used to share so much, remember in the hard times our friendship was enough.

You somehow knew just what to say, we used to smile and cry as we shared our day.

But I guess for now we go our own way, I wish you all the best.

Maybe our paths will meet again, before our souls be laid to rest.

So my friend God bless, may life treat you well. I’m sure we will see each other again, so this is only goodbye for now.



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