The final chapter #revelation 22

The final chapter has been written. A story that started before the fruit was forbidden. A story of redemption, a story where we can’t help but pay attention.

Rebellion was birthed from the beginning, but God had a plan before the world started spinning. Some may ask, why would God allow us to do wrong in the first place? Good question, yet would we truly know Gods love without his grace?

Suppose doing wrong was not an option, and God the father didn’t choose us for adoption. If we always belonged and never did wrong, the father would not have sent his begotten son.

Our scars tell stories, without the hardship their can be no glory. We had to have a choice to ignore or obey Gods voice.

It sounds mean, but true love is something we choose, the world’s full of bad but this is good news! Revelation 22, it’s a promise of restoration, for me and for you. No matter what we are going through, or how many wrongs have happened to you, this is a hope worth holding on too.

The cross is Gods unique invitation, to restore our lost souls and give us salvation. It is a free gift, we choose whether to accept it. Or we can live without this hope if we choose to reject it.

Everyone’s invited, the rich and the poor, but we hold the handle to open the door. In the end all creation will be restored, yet today, with God, we can be so much more.

Eternity depends on our decision, his story includes you, that’s our purpose in living. Remember the cross if today your afraid, death was the cost but the price has been paid.



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