You have power… What will you do with it?

You may think that your superior but you are only human. The difference between a rich person and a poor person are the opportunities life has given. We were all born into this world, had to learn and be pampered, yet there is something about having power that can cause our hearts to be tampered. God instituted government; its the Devil who corrupts it, if the law of the land is good and noble, then evil will always try to disrupt it. We’ve learned all this from past successions, a leader believes something evil is good and that something becomes an obsession. They go to great depths to fulfill their desire; even the death of millions didn’t open their eyes to see the affects of the liar. Some execute their staff for not performing to expectancy; others get promoted because they were aiming for supremacy. On the stage they take a stand and show the world their authority, yet some will say whatever they can just to win over the majority.

True speakers are hope seekers, they dont seek the stage; they know the true value of life, each person with their own page. They value each human being and have a vision beyond what they are seeing, evil doesn’t make them quit, it sttengthens them for succeeding. We’ve seen them both in history, the ones who speak righteous and bring good, the others that bring misery. So what message can we give to those who have power? What would we say if we could sit with them for 1 hour? One thing to be said is not to abuse it, honor the poor just like the rich, keep hold of a good heart, don’t ever lose it. Think before speaking, study before preaching, stretch before reaching and never give up on the good you are seeking. If your words are noble and true, let them stick to you like glue, wear those words like a tie, so that no deceit can be found in you. This is not just for those on platforms, you and I have power too, this is a lesson for living each day of our lives, our daily sacrifice to help see us through.


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