Believe like a child

Its funny reminiscing the thoughts I had when I was a child. I used to think the sun set in the sea and that each day we had a new one. I used to think that if you went out to the edge of the sea you would fall. I thought that tall people were giants. Yes I thought the moon is where cheese came from for a while.

There was other things too. I remember getting up extra early to watch the rug rats. I remember a chocolate bar used to last me a long time. I remember wanting to be a power ranger, especially the one called Tommy. Then I became weather obsessed. I loved storms and wanted to be a storm chaser, I even wrote to the weather centre to learn more about the weather. Yes, when we are children we believe anything is possible.

“So what happened?”                                        I grew up.

I realized that the sun is way too hot to set in the sea and that we only have one sun. I learned that if you carry on going out to sea you will eventually reach dry land. I became taller and realized I’m not a giant. I learned that cheese comes from animals.

Now I hear the alarm clock  and sometimes dont want to get out the bed. I love chocolate too much for it to last a long time. The power rangers was just a TV show. Chasing storms is dangerous and the weather centre suggested working there instead. Yes, when we are young our minds are limitless. It is when we grow in understanding that we begin to limit the way we think.

Its understandable why I believed these things when I was a child. If you watch a sun set on the beach, it looks like it disappears into the sea. If you look out to sea it appears that it comes to an end. The moon is the same color as cheese, and it does have holes in it. So I guess believing these things is not too far fetched.

As a man who is now a Christian, Jesus calls for the same belief that a child has. This seemed crazy for me as some things I believed in turned out not to be true. Yet this is different. 2017 years would not be named after someone who did not exist. Billions have believed in the cross and resurrection. Many have been healed, prophecies fulfilled and of course the promise of a glorious eternal life is offered for those who believe in Jesus.

Some may ask, “how can you prove that Jesus exists and what he says is true?” In response, “how can we prove he doesnt and what he says is false?.” We are called to believe as children, thats how we receive the Kingdom.

Mark 10:15 Truly I tell you, anyone who does not receive the Kingdom like a child will not enter it.

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