Unto others

We are constantly bombarded with violent, sexual and indiscriminate images either through the news or movies. Our souls are slowly being eroded by the corruption of the human race. So subtle the change of the masses, that unless the morality of our condition is questioned and we check upon the condition of our souls, we would continue to slip down the slope of wickedness. Out moral compass has misdirected through the constant oppression of evil, now we leave ourselves with a question to answer. Are we going to let evil prevail or fight it with good?

Is dropping bombs from the sky the right way to eradicate the evil in Syria and Iraq? Surely people who are innocent could be caught up in the middle of it. 

That could be me! I would say to myself. I live in a tall building in a city, I wondered the other night, how would it be if on the streets was an evil army threatening to destroy all in their way, and from the sky bombs are falling. I would be stuck! 

Sometimes to understand the reality of evil we have to stare it in the face, to understand suffering we need to put our selves in the shoes of those who  have suffered. Only then can our moral compass be back on track, only then can we sympathize with those who have been through such tragedy. We dont have to let the world condition us through the bad news displayed. We dont have to conform to the patterns of evil that take place. We can do the right thing; we can help those who need it, we can pray, we can give our time, even if its just a moment. It can be our neighbor, it can be a stranger that we help. If we can be as radical at doing good as some are at doing evil I’m sure it will make a difference! Like a snow ball rolling down a hill, start small and watch it grow.

Luke 6:31 Do unto others as you would have them do to you


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