Prove or improve

There is a difference between trying to prove ourselves or improve ourselves. Trying to prove ourselves is an endless endeavour that leaves us becoming proud or discouraged. If we become better than the one we are trying to prove ourselves against, then pride knocks at the door. Knock knock, ‘whos there’? Pride, ‘pride who’? Don’t talk back to me let me in! When pride gets in it can take over and destroy if we allow it too, it destroys by making others around smaller than itself. It creates a mentality that makes us think, ‘im better than you’, or ‘your no good!’. It’s easy to get entagled with this.

However if we don’t prove ourselves then we get stuck in discouragement. There’s no knocking at the door with discouragement, it can create a road block In our lives that makes us want to give up. Then we start thinking things like, ‘im no good at anything’, ‘whats the point’? I give up! I have had my time on both of these roads and they both end up at a dead end!

So what’s the secret? How do we do things well without comparison?

This is where improving ourselves takes centre stage. When we focus on improving ourselves in a sense of our character or achievements, we can embrace our own success without comparing to the success or failing of others. It is a satisfying feeling to enjoy our own success knowing we haven’t stamped on any one elses success along the way. It is good to aim to improve ourselves, it is bad when we do it at the expense of others. To prove ourselves leads to destruction, to improve ourselves leads to production. We can choose which road to take, it is up to us.


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