Words words and more words.

I set myself a challenge to use some rare and some beautiful words in a poem. A poem written using the new words in Alphabetical order. The words are found on a website to the link below. Hope you enjoy this journey, forgive any mistakes for those who are masters at the English language, so let’s do this. 


The world passes by as the clouds float Amorphous, but I won’t be Beguiled by the things that seem formless.

Acting by Caprice standing in the streets, Cascade, I feel the water pouring over me.

Now my cashmere is soaked. I burst out my Chrysalis I should have brought a coat.

Now I’m feeling this adrenaline mouth dry like powdered Cinnamon. My brains racing with these thoughts Coalescing in my mind again.

I’ve heard it said that I’m Crepuscular, but I prefer to be Crystalline. I dont want to be Desultory, Its better to live for a dream

I dont want to be used like Diaphanous, and waste a voice that can be Dulcet. Im determined to stay Ebullient living life without regret.

With a personality thats Effervescent and a speach thats Elision. A crowd can be Enchanted by a few kind words spoken.

As they Encompass my sphere and become Enraptured. All though this moments Ephemeral, I hope its not a disaster.

Sharing an Epiphany, to all willing to listen. I’m not an epitome individual, just a person with a vision.

This language is Ethereal, but imagine a world that spoke this way. Would it change the Etiquette? Would people obey?

But this is Evocative speach, Exuberant in its content. It may create Felicity, but to some it may seem nonsense.

So as these sentences Filament together, so beautiful and Halcyon. This Idyllic atmosphere brings peace within our souls. These sentences seem Incorporeal, but a stories being told.

Within each one of us, there is a light that can become Incandescent. Love so Ineffable, Inexorable which can hold such great intent.

We can become Insouciance, not worrying about our lives. The world becomes Iridescent, such beauty to our eyes.

Then when we feel Languid or Lassitude, we can always see the bright side. Our speach becomes Lilt, our mannerisms as Lithe. Our hearts become a lullaby, as we begin to value life.

We can’t compare our light to Luminescence, our light shines from within. Our voices become Mellifluous, no more Mist to hide our hym.

We Murmur with our souls, a Myriad to great to count. We look so Nebulous, yet the world will hear us out.

The human race is Opulent, above all costly things. More fascinating than a Penumbra, valued as a king.

We have been blessed with Plethora, yet sometimes take it for granted. Our lives go Quiescent, when we should harvest what we have planted.

We are Quintessential on this earth, Radiant with our creators reflection. When we choose to do the right thing, we Redolent Gods affection.

When we are in unity we can sound Resonant, Resplendent and Rhapsodic. With greater clarity than the sapphire, growing daily in our logic.

All we need is a Scintilla of faith, we are not here by Serendipitous, there is purpose for our race.

May God help us be Serene, and not be Somnolent. Let’s wake up from false dreams, and live life confident.

In this Spherical world we live in, it is not we who are Sublime. All though this world can be so Succulent, we can never claim its mine.

The spirit of God is Suffused over Creation. Speaking to softened hearts, in a gentle Susurration.

The heart of God is a Symphony, it is not like a Talisman. It is asif creation is Tesselated, yet Gods pride and joy is the creation of man.

May our hearts rest in tranquillity, the human race is not Vestige. We have our Zenith to look forward too, a place that holds our destiny.

Hope you enjoyed the poem. God bless you.


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