The other side…

Luke 8:22-25

Jesus promised his disciples they would make it to the other side. Even though while crossing over, a storm was in the midst. The other side was always there, it was just clouded by the mist. Jesus was asleep in the boat, wake up Jesus this ain’t a joke! He gets up, then tells the wind and waves to settle down, this ain’t an ordinary bloke. The disciples were amazed as they gazed upon this ordinary looking human figure renowned as the ancient of days.They got to the other side, Jesus told them from the beginning, but they were afraid of the waters around them, they didn’t want to be swimming.

Take a moment, put yourself in the sandels of these followers of Jesus. You have already seen some miracles, and you claim that your a believer. Yet the storm comes and suddenly your belief is being tested, you look for Jesus in the storm and you find that he is resting. Annoyed because the boat could tip over under the waves, why is he resting when we need to be saved! Questions arise in the mind, yet you know some how that all will work out fine. He gets up, says a few words as if he’s saying good morning, and silence, no more waves, all is calm and the other side is dawning. You sit in the boat pondering what you witnessed, exclaiming this has to be God, no human being did this. You will never forget this journey, you will take it with you to the grave. You will always remember that when life has its storms, there is always one who saves.



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