Someone is praying for you today

There are times when life fires arrows at us, arrows that we can’t escape. In those moments we need each other, so no matter what we face, our hearts will never break. We may grieve for what we have lost, it may take some time to heal; but if its love that covers the wound, then life can never steal.
Let these words bring strength, so that when the sky is grey. You will find comfort just to know, someone’s praying for you today.

Sometimes we don’t even need to speak, we just need a loving touch. For someone just to be in our presence, this alone can be enough. Whether they are family or a friend, or a stranger we’ve never met. When someone gives the gift of their time, we share a moment that we can’t forget.

Let these words bring strength, so that when the sky is grey. You will find comfort just to know, someone’s praying for you today.

Life can be cruel sometimes, it can really knock us down, but when we get back up we are stronger, helping others when they hit the ground. We find our strength, we say our prayers, we keep our faith, we never quit! The sun will shine, our God he cares, we keep on going we can make it.

Let these words bring strength, so that when the sky is grey. You will find comfort just to know, someone’s praying for you today.



Believe like a child

Its funny reminiscing the thoughts I had when I was a child. I used to think the sun set in the sea and that each day we had a new one. I used to think that if you went out to the edge of the sea you would fall. I thought that tall people were giants. Yes I thought the moon is where cheese came from for a while.

There was other things too. I remember getting up extra early to watch the rug rats. I remember a chocolate bar used to last me a long time. I remember wanting to be a power ranger, especially the one called Tommy. Then I became weather obsessed. I loved storms and wanted to be a storm chaser, I even wrote to the weather centre to learn more about the weather. Yes, when we are children we believe anything is possible.

“So what happened?”                                        I grew up.

I realized that the sun is way too hot to set in the sea and that we only have one sun. I learned that if you carry on going out to sea you will eventually reach dry land. I became taller and realized I’m not a giant. I learned that cheese comes from animals.

Now I hear the alarm clock  and sometimes dont want to get out the bed. I love chocolate too much for it to last a long time. The power rangers was just a TV show. Chasing storms is dangerous and the weather centre suggested working there instead. Yes, when we are young our minds are limitless. It is when we grow in understanding that we begin to limit the way we think.

Its understandable why I believed these things when I was a child. If you watch a sun set on the beach, it looks like it disappears into the sea. If you look out to sea it appears that it comes to an end. The moon is the same color as cheese, and it does have holes in it. So I guess believing these things is not too far fetched.

As a man who is now a Christian, Jesus calls for the same belief that a child has. This seemed crazy for me as some things I believed in turned out not to be true. Yet this is different. 2017 years would not be named after someone who did not exist. Billions have believed in the cross and resurrection. Many have been healed, prophecies fulfilled and of course the promise of a glorious eternal life is offered for those who believe in Jesus.

Some may ask, “how can you prove that Jesus exists and what he says is true?” In response, “how can we prove he doesnt and what he says is false?.” We are called to believe as children, thats how we receive the Kingdom.

Mark 10:15 Truly I tell you, anyone who does not receive the Kingdom like a child will not enter it.

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Unto others

We are constantly bombarded with violent, sexual and indiscriminate images either through the news or movies. Our souls are slowly being eroded by the corruption of the human race. So subtle the change of the masses, that unless the morality of our condition is questioned and we check upon the condition of our souls, we would continue to slip down the slope of wickedness. Out moral compass has misdirected through the constant oppression of evil, now we leave ourselves with a question to answer. Are we going to let evil prevail or fight it with good?

Is dropping bombs from the sky the right way to eradicate the evil in Syria and Iraq? Surely people who are innocent could be caught up in the middle of it. 

That could be me! I would say to myself. I live in a tall building in a city, I wondered the other night, how would it be if on the streets was an evil army threatening to destroy all in their way, and from the sky bombs are falling. I would be stuck! 

Sometimes to understand the reality of evil we have to stare it in the face, to understand suffering we need to put our selves in the shoes of those who  have suffered. Only then can our moral compass be back on track, only then can we sympathize with those who have been through such tragedy. We dont have to let the world condition us through the bad news displayed. We dont have to conform to the patterns of evil that take place. We can do the right thing; we can help those who need it, we can pray, we can give our time, even if its just a moment. It can be our neighbor, it can be a stranger that we help. If we can be as radical at doing good as some are at doing evil I’m sure it will make a difference! Like a snow ball rolling down a hill, start small and watch it grow.

Luke 6:31 Do unto others as you would have them do to you

Faith – my story

Faith seems a mystery to those who claim not to possess it. It seems foolish and a waste to believe in what can’t be seen. All though we could say the same about the air we breath, we believe its there based on evidence and the fact that we are still breathing. This is the story of how I found faith..hope it encourages any who read it.
There was no stage, no grand entrance into the Kingdom of God. Just a quiet downstairs room in a church and a prayer with a pastor. I was a tennager caught up in a world of drugs. I used the excuse of my 13 years in fostercare to justify my drug taking. For years I was escaping reality on the week ends by getting high, my 40 hours working week helped me to feed the social addiction. The friends I had were not the best influence and I felt trapped.

It was an unusual journey that led to that prayer room. A knock at the door of the fosterhome I lived in caused my foster mum to go to church, it was free food that got me to go at first. The world had a strong pull on my heart, but something about this ‘Jesus’ caught my attention. I thought I knew love, but I had never known someone die for me, especially on a cross. So I became for a while what could be termed “a Sunday christian”. I was living in the world 6 days days a week then asking for forgiveness on Sunday. Drugs took its toll on my body, I didn’t look very approachable. This didn’t stop the church loving me and welcoming me with hugs, and back then I hated hugs! Those 6 days seemed to be different, all though I was still doing the same things. Something stirring in my heart was telling me that I shouldn’t be doing this.

The church took some of the old and young to a huge Christian Festival with thousands of other believers. I had never had a mountain top experience with God before, but this was it. Worship, ministry and prayer along with the study of he Bible opened my eyes to a God bigger than my problems. This was the turning point in my faith. I knew from this moment my commitment to the Lord needed to be more serious. So all though it was challenging to commit more to God, I decided to volunteer on Friday nights to help with the youth work. This meant that I had to say no to those I usually hung around with to take drugs and go partying, they didn’t like this new commitment. God was faithful, he provided new friends as I moved forward in faith. I volunteered to help with studies on Sunday morning, began reading the bible in groups and on my own, prayed more and worshipped. The journey with God was shaping me into a man I never thought I could be, a man who could make a difference for something good.

There is more to say, but in conclusion, my journey of faith has had a fair share of mountain tops and valleys. I have known friends to loose there lives, lost a loved one through cancer and known others suffer with it, struggled with depression and have faced rejection some times. Its not easy, and sometimes I asked questions. Despite this, when I consider the life of Jesus, I see that he understands suffering, even on a deeper level than we do. I see that he was willing to give his all, even for a sinner like me. I see a hope in the resurrection that tells me that this life’s struggles is nothing compared to that.

There was a time I enjoyed getting high and escaping reality, now I enjoy the presence of the most high and living with a sober mind. After 10 years of my journey of faith, I now serve the Lord in another country, and pray that the eyes of the blind will be opened. I was once blind to the truth of the gospel but now I see. I pray that others will see too. We are never too messed up to come to Jesus, even the sinner who hung on a cross next to him believed in him. We are never too far gone for grace to intervene in our lives. Christ can soften even the hardest heart. This is my faith story so far, many more blank pages are yet to be filled. Our testimonies are powerful, our God is mighty to save.

Romans 3:23 all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

Thank God for grace.

Prove or improve

There is a difference between trying to prove ourselves or improve ourselves. Trying to prove ourselves is an endless endeavour that leaves us becoming proud or discouraged. If we become better than the one we are trying to prove ourselves against, then pride knocks at the door. Knock knock, ‘whos there’? Pride, ‘pride who’? Don’t talk back to me let me in! When pride gets in it can take over and destroy if we allow it too, it destroys by making others around smaller than itself. It creates a mentality that makes us think, ‘im better than you’, or ‘your no good!’. It’s easy to get entagled with this.

However if we don’t prove ourselves then we get stuck in discouragement. There’s no knocking at the door with discouragement, it can create a road block In our lives that makes us want to give up. Then we start thinking things like, ‘im no good at anything’, ‘whats the point’? I give up! I have had my time on both of these roads and they both end up at a dead end!

So what’s the secret? How do we do things well without comparison?

This is where improving ourselves takes centre stage. When we focus on improving ourselves in a sense of our character or achievements, we can embrace our own success without comparing to the success or failing of others. It is a satisfying feeling to enjoy our own success knowing we haven’t stamped on any one elses success along the way. It is good to aim to improve ourselves, it is bad when we do it at the expense of others. To prove ourselves leads to destruction, to improve ourselves leads to production. We can choose which road to take, it is up to us.

Take heart… Overcome

There is a stirring in this heart of mine, a stirring that keeps me awake at night. What is this I ask myself? Why is it I feel this way? Its not just when the moon is lit, it’s also in the light of day.

I yearn for peace and rest, and search my inmost being, I pray to the God I believe in, I pray for my hearts healing. Maybe there’s a reason, maybe this could be great, but where is this stirring leading? And why am I still awake?

So many questions, questions Google cannot answer, why are children starving, and why do people die of cancer? Why does bad things happen to good people and good people sometimes do bad things? Why do we have a heart if some people cut the strings?

I have lived with these questions In my heart, I have lost loved ones through cancer. I have hurt people close, and asked God for an answer.

Despite the doubts and pain of the past, there is a hope that always lasts. This isn’t it, this is not the final destination. Yes life can hurt, but there’s much good to fight our frustration.

This is not a miracle cure to all the issues we face, or that believing in God will provide an escape. In this life we will have tribulation, but take heart, Jesus gave his life for every tribe, every nation.

Yes I’m a christian, yes sometimes life knocks me down, but that doesn’t mean I’m defeated, I get up and put my feet back on the ground.

Carry on, look for the good and remember we are not alone, we may struggle in this life, and in our hearts may groan. Yet despite this;

There is strength in our prayers. There is power in faith.                     There is hope beyond the grave.           There is a miracle called grace.

John 16:33 In this world you shall have tribulation: but take heart, I have overcome the world.


Words words and more words.

I set myself a challenge to use some rare and some beautiful words in a poem. A poem written using the new words in Alphabetical order. The words are found on a website to the link below. Hope you enjoy this journey, forgive any mistakes for those who are masters at the English language, so let’s do this.

The world passes by as the clouds float Amorphous, but I won’t be Beguiled by the things that seem formless.

Acting by Caprice standing in the streets, Cascade, I feel the water pouring over me.

Now my cashmere is soaked. I burst out my Chrysalis I should have brought a coat.

Now I’m feeling this adrenaline mouth dry like powdered Cinnamon. My brains racing with these thoughts Coalescing in my mind again.

I’ve heard it said that I’m Crepuscular, but I prefer to be Crystalline. I dont want to be Desultory, Its better to live for a dream

I dont want to be used like Diaphanous, and waste a voice that can be Dulcet. Im determined to stay Ebullient living life without regret.

With a personality thats Effervescent and a speach thats Elision. A crowd can be Enchanted by a few kind words spoken.

As they Encompass my sphere and become Enraptured. All though this moments Ephemeral, I hope its not a disaster.

Sharing an Epiphany, to all willing to listen. I’m not an epitome individual, just a person with a vision.

This language is Ethereal, but imagine a world that spoke this way. Would it change the Etiquette? Would people obey?

But this is Evocative speach, Exuberant in its content. It may create Felicity, but to some it may seem nonsense.

So as these sentences Filament together, so beautiful and Halcyon. This Idyllic atmosphere brings peace within our souls. These sentences seem Incorporeal, but a stories being told.

Within each one of us, there is a light that can become Incandescent. Love so Ineffable, Inexorable which can hold such great intent.

We can become Insouciance, not worrying about our lives. The world becomes Iridescent, such beauty to our eyes.

Then when we feel Languid or Lassitude, we can always see the bright side. Our speach becomes Lilt, our mannerisms as Lithe. Our hearts become a lullaby, as we begin to value life.

We can’t compare our light to Luminescence, our light shines from within. Our voices become Mellifluous, no more Mist to hide our hym.

We Murmur with our souls, a Myriad to great to count. We look so Nebulous, yet the world will hear us out.

The human race is Opulent, above all costly things. More fascinating than a Penumbra, valued as a king.

We have been blessed with Plethora, yet sometimes take it for granted. Our lives go Quiescent, when we should harvest what we have planted.

We are Quintessential on this earth, Radiant with our creators reflection. When we choose to do the right thing, we Redolent Gods affection.

When we are in unity we can sound Resonant, Resplendent and Rhapsodic. With greater clarity than the sapphire, growing daily in our logic.

All we need is a Scintilla of faith, we are not here by Serendipitous, there is purpose for our race.

May God help us be Serene, and not be Somnolent. Let’s wake up from false dreams, and live life confident.

In this Spherical world we live in, it is not we who are Sublime. All though this world can be so Succulent, we can never claim its mine.

The spirit of God is Suffused over Creation. Speaking to softened hearts, in a gentle Susurration.

The heart of God is a Symphony, it is not like a Talisman. It is asif creation is Tesselated, yet Gods pride and joy is the creation of man.

May our hearts rest in tranquillity, the human race is not Vestige. We have our Zenith to look forward too, a place that holds our destiny.

Hope you enjoyed the poem. God bless you.

The other side…

Luke 8:22-25

Jesus promised his disciples they would make it to the other side. Even though while crossing over, a storm was in the midst. The other side was always there, it was just clouded by the mist. Jesus was asleep in the boat, wake up Jesus this ain’t a joke! He gets up, then tells the wind and waves to settle down, this ain’t an ordinary bloke. The disciples were amazed as they gazed upon this ordinary looking human figure renowned as the ancient of days.They got to the other side, Jesus told them from the beginning, but they were afraid of the waters around them, they didn’t want to be swimming.

Take a moment, put yourself in the sandels of these followers of Jesus. You have already seen some miracles, and you claim that your a believer. Yet the storm comes and suddenly your belief is being tested, you look for Jesus in the storm and you find that he is resting. Annoyed because the boat could tip over under the waves, why is he resting when we need to be saved! Questions arise in the mind, yet you know some how that all will work out fine. He gets up, says a few words as if he’s saying good morning, and silence, no more waves, all is calm and the other side is dawning. You sit in the boat pondering what you witnessed, exclaiming this has to be God, no human being did this. You will never forget this journey, you will take it with you to the grave. You will always remember that when life has its storms, there is always one who saves.