2017 – Let’s do this…

Let’s face the reality when a new year comes. We prepare ourselves mentally for the big day and make some new resolutions. Next year I’m going to loose weight and get fit; next year I’m going to save so I can buy that house; I’m going to study hard so I can get where I want to be; I’m going to succeed. 

New year comes, we have been preparing for this. The clock strikes 12, that’s it! Happy new year, now let’s do this. First let’s finish this party and sleep the next day, then let’s get on with the resolutions. Oh damn, didn’t realise how much it cost me for Christmas and new year, now the bills have just arrived. Well, saving can wait a bit I suppose. All that unhealthy food and booze has taken its toll on my body, not feeling too good today. Let’s start training when I feel better. Healthy eating, well I don’t want to waste all that left over chocolate, let’s finish that first then start eating healthier. Oh and it’s back to work again, I was too tired to start studying. I will start this when I have some more free time. So on and so fourth we go with excuses.

Some people do keep resolutions with determination and commitment. The reality is this: we will always be able to come up with an excuse, or face a set back whenever we make a serious commitment. It is learning to overcome the set backs and say no to the excuses that enables us to see our commitments begin to prevail. Most people make new resolutions for new years at first, yet over years of falling to keep commitments they give up on making commitments all together. Why bother if I will just fail at it?

I have been there, I know what that’s like! This year I will quit smoking, many years later I stopped saying that. I did quit smoking one day, but this was not for a new years resolution. Yes, this year I will train more to get fitter. Then an injury comes, or an illnesses. Then that voice tells me why bother? You’ve lost all the progress so why carry on now? 

You know why we fail to keep our commitments? It’s because we do not allow ourselves grace to start again. When we anticipate the challenges life throws at us, and allow the grace to start again, we are able to renew our commitments everyday. If you make a resolution and fall at the first hurdle, get back up and try again! It’s when you stay down that your commitment is not valid. Get up, brush yourself off, learn from what caused the fall in the first place and give it another go! A set back doesn’t have to be defeat, it can be a gateway to a greater victory. So yes, don’t give up on making a commitment no matter how many falls you have had. When 2017 is through and you look back on how many times you got back up, and realise how far you have come, you will celebrate this year like you never have before. Is it because you kept all your commitments? No, it’s because you didn’t give up on them!

Happy new year all! Enjoy it, embrace it, and make a commitment to live everyday next year with the grace to always start again.

God bless all from…

Lavish+Deemerzion family


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