Inspiration, we all search for it one way or another. Like precious diamonds buried deep down, we keep digging until inspiration is found. It can start from just a few words, I love you, I do, in sickness and in health, inspiration can bind us to itself. It is found in that book we read, the one where the pages come to life, the one where we forget that it’s a book we are reading, that story that makes us feel alive and stirs us inside. We see some hero and wish to be like that, we wake up one day and want our life back.

Yet we wonder where to start when we find inspiration, we want to make a difference but then we allow that voice of doubt, what if nobody listens? we think to ourselves. Should I wait for inspiration or should I go out and look for it? Maybe if I find inspiration I can write a book for it. Yes, we want to inspire  and be inspired, in this world it needs a touch of inspiration, it is a world searching in desperation especially in this generation.

We see the news and the devastation that is caused when the wrong kind of inspiration is found. We scream and shout and wonder how taking innocent lives gives a ticket to heaven and the promise of virgins for wives. Something in our conscience shines a light as an indicator that this isn’t right. Inspiration causes us to say something, some people are given a stage to do it, they say a speech that turns hearts back to the law of the land, or at least helps people to stand and turn from the evil that’s seen all around.

So inspiration, here I am, take my hand and show me your master plan. Once you take hold of our hearts and we start to embrace just how much inspiration it takes to do something worthwhile in this life that’s been made. We will see that it only takes a little bit of you for this world to change.

Inspiration, show up in this dark place, shine a light to a cursed race and reverse the evil that’s being displayed. Inspiration lead the way, let our hearts not be led astray, show us something good we can do, show us today.



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