Love: Take action

Love is not based on what we feel, it is an action that we can choose everyday. If we waited for that special feeling to come before we take action, then we may never make a move at all. If love was a feeling, it would change along with our circumstances. If it is an action, then our circumstances provide opportunities for demonstrating love.

The true love of a parent is unconditional, it is not based on the behaviour of the child. It is based on knowing that whether the child behaves well or not, it is still their child. This enables action to be taken when the child needs correction and guidance, love takes action.

The love of our partner may have started with sparks flying and the feeling of being on top of the world, but what about when life gets tough? When the fuzzy feeling has faded, do we still choose to act in love? Love doesn’t quit when the going gets tough, this is when love can make its biggest impact if we allow it too.

Take for example a dogs love for its owner. It is faithful, happy to see them, comforting, obedient and know that they are loved too. We are not animals but we are able to express these same emotions. We dont need to wait to feel ‘something’ before we express our self, we can express it regardless of feelings. We dont feel patience we show it; we dont wait to feel kind, we say something nice or give a gift to show it; we dont feel faithfulness, we grow it with our love through the testing of time.

When life seems to burn like a fire, this is when love can shine its brightest. Dont wait to feel ‘something’, because you may never get that feeling by waiting. Reach out and do ‘something’, then you will see that the action you took released a feeling that is good. Love is not a feeling, it is an action. Today we have a chance to take action and show love.


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