Standing strong

I am not a failure, it doesn’t matter how many times I have fell.

Each time that I have stumbled, it’s given me a story to tell.

Yeah I’ve messed up, sometimes I wonder if this is the last time.

Yeah I’ve pretended to be okay, told everyone I was fine.

While deep inside and in my mind, this pain was eating away at me.

God I know you are there but why are you so hard to see?

I’ve been in that place again God, a dark place I didn’t want to go.

I did my best to stay away from there, I didn’t want this pain to show.

But it was to much to bare, I thought about everything I had been through.

Then I examined those voices in my head, and realised that they were not true.

For years I believed my life was doomed to fail, oh that person could be the one, oh and now they are taken, well I guess that ship has sailed.

Past experience shaped the present, I thought that’s just how it was.

But this was a stronghold built on a lie, destroyed by the power of the cross.

When my path crossed with Christ, things changed.

I looked at life differently, now things didnt seem the same.

These lies became exposed, useless, waste of space – Non No No!

Just because things didnt work out the way I expected, it doesn’t mean things didnt work out for good.

Jesus himself was rejected, but he knew he could save humanity by shedding his blood.

So I look back today, as someone with a future and a past, and I realise the best I can be is myself, I no longer need a mask.

Gods got me in his hand, and somehow has a master plan.

Today in strength I can stand, today I say I can!



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