Mirror mirror

Tell me what do you see? 
When I’m looking at you and you’re looking at me.

Mirror mirror, would you lie to  yourself?

Would you tell me I’m ugly?

Would you see someone else?

Would you boost my confidence? And give me compliments?

Or would you put me down? And turn my smile to a frown.

Mirror mirror, sometimes you tell me lies.

You make me look different and distort my size.

Other people say I look nice, why can’t you?

You say that I’m useless, but I know thats not true.

You try to deceive me, by making me believe that what I see is my identity.

Mirror mirror, you only see what’s on the surface.

Yet I am much more than that.

I may not be perfect but now I’m seeing through your cracks…

Im beautiful, I dont care what you say.

Mirror mirror, you’re not ruining my day.

For a while I listened, until I found out the truth, that there is far more to life than listening to you.

A good heart and strong mind, this you can’t define.

Every person is unique, so I am one of a kind.

So, mirror mirror on the wall.

If you dont have anything good to say, then its best you say nothing at all.



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