What if?….What next?….

Have you ever wanted something so much that you believed one day you will have what you want? This something became magnified through the days, months or years you wanted it. You built up a belief system and truly believed this something was for you. Then one day, just like a sudden thunderstorm in Autumn, that something was now taken.

This hurts and caused a personal storm of emotions within the soul. The foundation built on a false promise crumbled away, no longer is there a what if? The chance has gone and now the realisation of receiving what you wanted has died. Now you mourn for the loss, now you wonder, “what next?”

We all go through times of what ifs? and have moments of what next? Maybe its a house we wanted, or a relationship with somebody, or our dream job. Whatever that something, of someone is, it hurts when we have no choice but to say goodbye. Yet sometimes saying goodbye is the best thing for us. Okay, so we mourn for a time, but when we can no longer hold on to ‘what if?’ We have to pursue what’s next.

What next could be the greatest adventure of our lives. We no longer have anything holding us back, there’s nothing to loose now so why dwell on what’s lost? What’s next is up to us to embrace. 

If we look back we go off track, if we pursue what’s next we will become our best.

That somebody you wanted to be with may have blocked the best partner for you. That dream house may not have been as good for you as the next one. That job you were offered could have consumed you to the point of exhaustion, then what good would it have been?

Every moment has a purpose all though many moments dont make sense. Write a letter to your future self, then when you read it in the future, ask yourself, ‘am I glad things didn’t go the way I wanted them too now’? You never know what good things are waiting for you, so embrace what’s next.


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