The wall

You have trained hard and pushed yourself to your limit. You have been consumed with a passion in your heart, you didn’t quit in all those set backs, you chose to carry on despite exhaustion and times of depression. Life threw everything at you but you overcame it all, and then it happened. You arrived at the wall…

The wall is that moment in life when it seems to much to  overcome. It is a circumstance that stops you in your tracks, a wall that seems impossible to climb, the more you look at it, the bigger the wall seems. It towers over all the progress made like a man made Goliath. You forget how far you have come, like someone running a marathon you start wondering if you can carry on. Then you ask yourself, is it worth it?

Many of us have reached this point, especially when pursuing something worth fighting for. It is at this point that the reality of our commitment is tested. Do I really want that job? Is it marriage that I really want right now? Am I really pursuing the right thing to do? We reason with ourselves, we internally fight as we develop logical reasons for doubting the next step. Yet through our logical reasoning we forget the steps already accomplished to get to this point. Its easy to let the wall overshadow the progress we’ve made.

Failure is not falling a few times and getting back up. It is falling and never getting back up. We have been given today, so we have a chance to get back up. 

The wall is there to test our commitment, beyond it is all that we have pursued. Brick by brick we can take it down, it is our belief that will make the wall fall. Believing first of all, that you have not failed, and that life has not failed you! You made it this far, so why give up now? Second of all, God made each of us with a purpose in mind. So that thought, ‘why am I here?’ can be cast into the depths of the ocean!

We have today to make things right. The seeds we sow today can start to grow tomorrow. All we need to do is water what we do through our commitment to it, then in time, we will see it grow into something beautiful. Something far bigger than the wall we faced. Something far more beautiful than we could ever imagine. Be patient, a crop doesn’t grow over night, but it will grow. In its season the harvest will be ready and you will see the fruit of all you have done. It will be worth the wait. The finish line is there for a purpose, it is something to aim for. It is a goal to pursue. Along the way are hills and valleys; encouragements and falls; distractions and temptations; strengths and weaknesses. Yet through it all you have your mind set, quitting is not even an option. This is the mindset of an athletic champion. When the wall comes, your not afraid of it’s height, you dont care how long it takes to get through it, because you know you will get through it. This is the mindset for achieving what we pursue, this is how we get to the finish line.

So take heart, the wall will come down, you just need to believe it!


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