How can I say I love you, if I don’t respect your boundary?

If I’m too near that line, I should be saying, “hey, your boundary is sound with me”.

I’m sorry if I crossed it, if I broke the trust and lost it.

Love should have put you first, but I took your heart and squashed it.

Trust takes time to build, but it only takes one time for trust to be killed.

Its not worth loosing for whatever reason, trust is not like the weather, its more pike a season.

The weather is for a moment but a season is longer.

If you give trust reapect, it will only become stronger.

If its lost it can be found again, it can be developed like a bond with a friend.

Keep your word, don’t cross that line, and you shall see in time, that you and trust will be just fine.

Trust&Love walk hand in hand, they know each other well its no one night stand.

So I say to myself each day, love and trust will you lead the way.

Your direction is better than a sat nav, all I have to do is obey.

If I do this, then I know, that everything will be OK.



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