Let go.

We as human beings don’t like to let go, from birth we have learned to take hold of things with a firm grip. Over time this holding on can become a fear of loss, a hoarding in our hearts because what we are holding on to has become our comfort blanket.

We go from letting go of our favourite teddy as a child to saying goodbye to our children as they step out in the big wide world. We let go of our schools and the friends we made as we embrace college, uni or work. We let go of our work and qualifications to start a new era and on and on it goes…

Everyone of us has to let go of something whether we want to or not. Some things we have no choice but to let go, some things we can choose. Do we keep hold of bad memories of the past? Do we forgive those who hurt us? Do we let go of the one we want to be with who doesn’t want to be with you? Do we let go of our comfort and step out into the unknown?

So many more ‘let go’s’ in life, so many more do we’s? Hoarding our lives with baggage of the past, unforgiveness, anger and pain only leaves us to leave little room for our future, relationships, joy and peace. Living in the memories of our bad experiences will make it difficult to have good experiences. Yet even so, letting go is not easy! It challenges each one of us to the core of our beings, because from the beggining we have filled our self with so many let go moments, yet keeping them was easier. So we filled our selves up with these things like a cup filled with dirty water.

It is these same things that keep us from taking the step we so long to make. That bad relationship that stops us pursuing another one and causes us to say, ‘I will never trust again’. Those bullies that stop us pursuing our faith, when usually they are only bullying out of fear because of our faith. Then we have those times when we change who we are just to fit in, so we ‘let go’ of our identity. This in itslef is exausiting and in the long run damages our personality and character.

Letting go of the things that weigh us down can be hard at first, but it is always the best decision in the long run. Its hard to journey through life with the weight of the past weighing us down. 

If we want to soar as human beings then letting go is our enabler. The same way we let go of things is the same way we take hold of them. Step by step. Letting go of everything all at once can be a daunting task, so start small. If trust was broken in an extreme way, then learn to start trusting again in small ways. If a relationship has damaged trust, then develop friendships to learn to trust again. If those bullies still carry on, show them kindness and do good to them. They will be more shocked from a response like this and will most likely stop bullying. Bullies only do what they do to make themselves feel secure, counteracting this with love and kindness breaks the power they have over you. If we change, let God be the one to change us, after all, he did create us so who better to make the change.

So in the words of the song from frozen, let’s ‘let it go’! Because when we stop looking back, we will see clearly where we need to go. The past has already been lived, the future awaits us… So let’s go!