A True Friend

A true friend never ceases to be there.

They never give up, even when the friendship causes pain.

A true friend makes extra effort just to care.

They give themself again and again, even when there’s nothing to gain.

They walk the extra mile, and they do it with a smile.

They don’t feel burdened by the other ones troubles.

Any hour of the day they will be there in a double.

We can all hope for a friend like this, or we can be one to another.

Friends are family we choose for our selves, sisters and brothers.

We all make mistakes in friendships, but forgiveness heals the wounds.

We all hurt those close to us, but friendship can be resumed.

I have made some huge mistakes, but my true friends always forgive.

It gives me another chance to get it right, another chance to live.

We can be a friend to someone today, listen to what they say.

In doing this we find our freedom, in choosing friendship we find our way.