The expression of depression

They call you the silent killer, creeping around in dark times
taking control of wonderful minds
You creep in when bad things happen, always saying that there’s no purpose
Making people feel worthless
‘you did it again, can’t you do anything right?’
‘you may aswell give up, turn off the light!’
Thoughts race through the abyss of the mind, somehow they seem so real
‘nobody has said bad things to me, why does it feel so real?’
you seek to destroy by eroding the concience
You make lies sound like truth when its nothing but nonsense
You say, ‘you will never make it!’
yet to others it seems that I have it all together
I guess we learn how to fake it.
‘I long to smile again without hiding some pain!’
‘I want to sing and dance in the sunshine and rain!’
No matter what you say depression, we are here for a reason
When you try to bring us down we can still keep believing
So there’s the door depression, you better be leaving!
Im walking with my head held high, im going to live this life
Despite how you try to make me feel on the inside
We will still shine bright!



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