A thousand words (Eddy Murphy movie)

Feeling quite inspired after watching the movie “a thousand words” staring Eddy Murphy. It got me thinking, what would I say if I only had one thousand words to speak before my time is up? Who would I speak to? And how would I make sure what is said is valuable and worth saying?

I love you.. 3 words out of a thousand gone, 3 powerful words that said with meaning can make a big difference to the one who hears it. The rest of the words for I love you don’t have to be spoke; cook a nice meal for the one you love, buy them a gift, hug them, kiss them, hold their hand and walk with the them, speak with the body language.. Smile, laugh, dance! Wow, I still have 997 words left to say. 

I forgive you.. 3 more words (don’t worry, I won’t go through the whole thousand words!) just a few. Just 3 words again that have great power. Saying this to those I have hurt and meaning it by showing them after. So we fell out as friends… Let’s go for a meal, don’t have to talk just come xD flowers for that special someone, that says a lot by itself..no need to speak more, so long as the flowers are alive and looking good. 

You can do it! Okay so you may think this doesn’t qualify for some of the thousand words but just imagine this. You have had doubts for years that you can do something and are afraid to take a risk. For so long you have been put down and struggled to believe in yourself. Then the person you count on for so long who has kept quiet and not encouraged you says, you can do it! Or ‘I believe in you’ don’t give up, keep going!… Imagine that you needed to hear this from that one person but they have been afraid to take the risk and say it to you. Now those words have power not just for the one saying it, but also the one hearing it!  So yes, our words are powerful if we use them at the right times and believe in what we say!

Most of us will speak to those closest to them, because although we may not express our emotions or speak well, when we have to, we will do it because deep down we want the best for those close to us. Family, friends and of course I’m sure many will speak to God too. So I guess the movie has made me think, what can I say to show someone I care? What can I say to help or make a difference?

When we think of the value of each word spoke as if it could be our last word, words take on a whole new meaning. We would rather build someone up than tear them down, tell them we are sorry, do everything we can not to hurt someone with what is said, most people would do just this because they know that these words will make the best difference. Words have power, let’s use them wisely.



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