You and who’s army!

Life has been hard recently. I have tried to take on a whole army when I could have just taken out one soldier at a time. This army grew overtime, an army of sin with each soldier having their own name. Anger, jealousy, hatred, lust and selfishness led by their leader called pride! Pride always came before the others joined in, so subtle in his appearance at first, but then his appearance grew as he took control of the battlefield.

“I should be better at this! Why are they so good at what they do? Why are they so calm in that situation? Why can’t I be like they are?” Oh no, jealousy has joined pride in battle, now I have two so called Giants to face, I could have took out the first one with one stone, but I didn’t do it. I’m angry at myself now, I’m angry at the others too because they don’t feel what I feel, they don’t understand me! Wait a minute, anger has just joined them and I didn’t even realize it, pride had got in the way and stopped me from recognizing it.

“I wish I had a better life than this, I wish I was married, I wish I had a great job and lots of money, I wish… I wish!…” Here is lust! The temptation that comes as a quick fix or a great escape from the troubles of life. Selfishness pulls me into its cunning ways as I begin to loathe this life I’m living. “I would be happy if I was married and had the loving touch of another. Maybe life would be easier if I had money and took the easy road to success… I want, I want, I want!

“What’s happening to me? How am I being so blind? Pride was so small from a distance, but now he looks huge with his front line soldiers. Not to mention disappointment, sadness, depression and fear following close behind. These front line soldiers looked so strong in their appearance, yet the closer they got to me, the more I saw the chinks in their armor.

“Wait a minute?” I asked myself. “How can I be so foolish? I have been led astray by something that appeared so ugly that appeared to be so beautiful, now it’s close up I see pride and his army for what they really are! 

Humility has already won the victory on the cross and was led by his awesome leader Love! “Why am I letting this fake leader called pride take control? How can I let pride in when humility has already defeated him? Pride tried to make me forget about humility by making me focus on him and the fake success of his army. “I will give you fame, success, I offer the good life and the easy way for you if you let me be in charge”, pride would say at first. This sounded so good from pride, but he didn’t mention the catch until later. “Yes you can have fame, but you will never be satisfied, you will crave for more praise and spotlight as you let fame take over you. You can be successful too, but I will send my friend ‘liar’ to guide you on the easy road to success.  During this journey your heart will be hardened as you put other people down to get your success, you will get there though” says pride. “You will have to make sure others don’t get there though in order to do it, oh and you can say goodbye to being a genuinely nice person now, there’s no time for that if you are working for me” pride continued. “This is the good life; you get what you want, when you want it and how you want it”.

I considered the words of pride and its cunning accomplice deciet, it sounded enticing, but then the words of humility came to me. “Those who want to keep their life will loose it, but those who loose their lives for me and my Kingdom will keep it now and for eternity”. What does this mean? “I am the way the truth and the life”, humility continued. This is not the easy way, but it is the way that is led by truth. The way that makes you somebody without having to be famous or successful, or have lots of money. This is the way that keeps the heart soft and at peace, the way that helps others who struggle in life without ever putting them down. Pride can’t possibly live that way, pride can’t see the need of others because he is too busy checking himself out. Pride doesn’t even realize how weak at the knees he is with all the fake armor of success and fame on him. Humility takes on the battleground differently, he has a good friend called wisdom. Wisdom is able to find great lookout places to see when pride is attacking with his false disciples. Wisdom and discernment work well together guided by humility.

I realize that this army is worth fighting with. They know how pride works along with his team, pride knows nothing about humility so it’s not possible for him to defeat him. The danger for me though and all in the battlefield is that deciet is able to make humility seem like pride and pride seem like humlity. Somehow deciet is able to go into both battlefields almost unnoticed, unless of course discernment keeps an eye out.

So here I am in the battlefield of my life weighing up the cost of which army to follow. Prides army will be easy but will cost me everything in the end, even though it may seem that his way is paying me well. Humilities army is a hard way because it means battles must be fought to stay with humility and his army. The greatest thing about humilities way is that the price has already been paid for by love! If I give myself to humility and his army, love puts a badge of honor on me and clothes me with the armor of faith. Sometimes I can drift into prides army, even sometimes without noticing. Love however always notices, this is when humility comes with his army of love, joy, peace and others to bring me back. Love has a great accomplice too called faithfulness. 

This is why I want to be in humilities army, their is no catch and the reward for the members of his army go on for eternity. Hope is beyond the battlefield, love carries us through and humility gives us the strength along with joy. Humility may not appear much, but he can knock down pride with one word “forgiveness”! Pride can’t fight forgiveness either, pride has to have a weak spot to aim for, if he can’t find a weak spot he becomes weaker. Forgiveness is like gold refined in a furnace, it has no weak spot, it only has strength, it can destroy pride and his whole army! That’s why I choose humility and His army, because no one can loose with Him and Forgiveness!



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