Be the best you can be.

You found this post because you were looking for something, you wanted to find something you can connect with in a way you understand. You want a message that will lift you up and give you strength to face the day, a message to give you the strength to make a stand. What do you mean stand? You may ask… Literally or figuratively? To stand against evil, now that’s a challenging task, but it’s something that needs to be done, so let’s take a look and see how we can disarm the power where this evil comes from.

First it comes from an understanding, an understanding that we live In a human race that has fell far from the standards of its maker, filled with a mix of lovers and haters, brothers and fakers and givers and takers. It’s filled with smiles and sighs, happiness and cries, truth and lies. Without a standard to live from or a law to obey, it’s easy for us humans to go astray. So who sets the standard? good question… Some people say it’s God while others give other suggestions. I set the standard they say, it’s those who make the laws others would say, or in the words of the famous song ‘I did it my way’. Hitler thought he was doing the right thing, so do terrorists who think they please God by destroying innocent lives, so do those men with many wives or the thief who steals as a way of life. They set there own standard and some believe that they are doing the right thing. Well, this is where we have a problem… Without a perfect moral figure to set the standard, how can we truly stay away from what’s bad? 

There is a standard that was set a long time ago, and it is summed up in one sentence…’love your neighbor as yourself’. This standard set by the one who draws us to himself, yes the Lord our God who loves the human race and took all this evil because of his grace. So what is this love? It is saying something encouraging, a hug when we are down, it is walking the extra mile and sharing what’s good with a smile. It is helping the poor, helping others in their need, this is what changes the world, turning from our greed. I can’t you may say.. I’ve already messed up to much! I’ve done some terrible things too but the grace of God is always enough. So let’s start a fresh from this moment, make small changes by the way we behave, there’s hope beyond the grave and you are not a waste of space! If each one did something kind today, it would pass on like a Mexican wave and you will be a part of this awesome change! We don’t have to be the things that aren’t good that we see, we can be the difference, we can be Free!



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