We are more than just music…


Music has been an influence since we can remember, from biblical times to the present day it has been an inspiration and influence in many ways. From King David in the bible to Michael Jackson in our time, music has shaped cultures and inspired millions to make a change in their life.

We are more than just music… Sounds crazy that anything can be more than something so powerful right? Think about it though, every great song writer, artist or musician has a story to tell. King David chose to worship his creator and was considered lowly among people yet a man after Gods own heart by God himself. Michael Jackson went from black to white to show the world that music has nothing to do with skin color but is something that we can use to inspire many and just like the man in the mirror, to make a change.

We are not just music… We are unique and given this life for a purpose to live and be an expression of life itself. I write this blog as a Christian who believes that every person is uniquely created for a purpose by a a God who loves us. We are more than just music… We are people chosen to make a difference in this world and to be a light in the darkness. Music is one more way that we can express ourselves in life and a way that we can use our voices to bring something good! We are more than just music… We are the change the world is looking for!


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