The expression of depression

They call you the silent killer, creeping around in dark times
taking control of wonderful minds
You creep in when bad things happen, always saying that there’s no purpose
Making people feel worthless
‘you did it again, can’t you do anything right?’
‘you may aswell give up, turn off the light!’
Thoughts race through the abyss of the mind, somehow they seem so real
‘nobody has said bad things to me, why does it feel so real?’
you seek to destroy by eroding the concience
You make lies sound like truth when its nothing but nonsense
You say, ‘you will never make it!’
yet to others it seems that I have it all together
I guess we learn how to fake it.
‘I long to smile again without hiding some pain!’
‘I want to sing and dance in the sunshine and rain!’
No matter what you say depression, we are here for a reason
When you try to bring us down we can still keep believing
So there’s the door depression, you better be leaving!
Im walking with my head held high, im going to live this life
Despite how you try to make me feel on the inside
We will still shine bright!



Be the real you!

Don’t change who you are just so you can get someone to like you. If someone you like doesn’t like you back in the same way unless you change, then that someone is not worth being with. If they do like the person you have changed to become, then how can they ever like the real you? You would spend most of your time wearing a mask just so you can be liked. If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, then that’s a problem they have not you. They are the ones to change their attitude, not the person. An attitude can change in a moment, our character takes much longer.

Here is the problem with changing just to fit in or make someone like you. First of all, when you change into this new person it is a huge role play that you put on. You are acting out the new character just like a play. The problem with this is, the more you act out this character the more likely you are to become that person. Say if someone doesn’t want you because you are too nice or kind. You think that if you stay nice and kind you won’t ever be wanted, so you decide to start acting the opposite, rude and mean for example. People at first know that this isn’t the real you and may even ask or wonder why you are acting that way. You however, feel so hurt from that one rejection that you feel a need to pursue becoming this fake you. People eventually begin to treat you the same way, and this hurts. Then the rude and mean new you begins to take root and becomes more and more like the real you, it gets harder to snap out of and before you know it, this is who you have become!

You see the danger? If you are a good person and are nice, kind, helpful and more, why change for the opposite? These attributes are attractive without someone ever saying so. The person that doesn’t want that kind of person is the person that needs to be treated the most with these attributes! Do we do this so they will change? No, we do this because that’s who we are.

A thousand words (Eddy Murphy movie)

Feeling quite inspired after watching the movie “a thousand words” staring Eddy Murphy. It got me thinking, what would I say if I only had one thousand words to speak before my time is up? Who would I speak to? And how would I make sure what is said is valuable and worth saying?

I love you.. 3 words out of a thousand gone, 3 powerful words that said with meaning can make a big difference to the one who hears it. The rest of the words for I love you don’t have to be spoke; cook a nice meal for the one you love, buy them a gift, hug them, kiss them, hold their hand and walk with the them, speak with the body language.. Smile, laugh, dance! Wow, I still have 997 words left to say. 

I forgive you.. 3 more words (don’t worry, I won’t go through the whole thousand words!) just a few. Just 3 words again that have great power. Saying this to those I have hurt and meaning it by showing them after. So we fell out as friends… Let’s go for a meal, don’t have to talk just come xD flowers for that special someone, that says a lot by need to speak more, so long as the flowers are alive and looking good. 

You can do it! Okay so you may think this doesn’t qualify for some of the thousand words but just imagine this. You have had doubts for years that you can do something and are afraid to take a risk. For so long you have been put down and struggled to believe in yourself. Then the person you count on for so long who has kept quiet and not encouraged you says, you can do it! Or ‘I believe in you’ don’t give up, keep going!… Imagine that you needed to hear this from that one person but they have been afraid to take the risk and say it to you. Now those words have power not just for the one saying it, but also the one hearing it!  So yes, our words are powerful if we use them at the right times and believe in what we say!

Most of us will speak to those closest to them, because although we may not express our emotions or speak well, when we have to, we will do it because deep down we want the best for those close to us. Family, friends and of course I’m sure many will speak to God too. So I guess the movie has made me think, what can I say to show someone I care? What can I say to help or make a difference?

When we think of the value of each word spoke as if it could be our last word, words take on a whole new meaning. We would rather build someone up than tear them down, tell them we are sorry, do everything we can not to hurt someone with what is said, most people would do just this because they know that these words will make the best difference. Words have power, let’s use them wisely.


No…Again! Overcoming the power of rejection.

There is an old saying that states, “hurt people hurt people”. When a person has a deep emotional wound, whatever caused that wound can rise up in a moment resulting in a feeling of discomfort or pain. If that pain grows through meditating on the cause, then usually the pain will be unleashed on someone else, usually in a way that will hurt them. “I feel this way, so I am going to make them feel what I feel”, this being the thoughts of the one who is hurting. 

Let’s say this pain is rejection caused through childhood. When the person has grown up they become attached to someone emotionally to the point of wanting to ask them out. They ask the question and the answer is “no”. The person who said no in most cases will not want to hurt the other person. They may even genuinely love them as a friend but just not feel the same way. This is not a bad thing, in fact in the long run it could be the best thing for both of these people. However, the person who has experienced rejection, maybe even many times in their lifetime, can see this differently. For them, all the emotional wounds of the past come to the surface at once. For this person it can be painful, this pain can then be projected at the person who they actually don’t want to hurt. All though they may do their best to keep the pain at bay, sometimes the pain can takeover and be controlling. 

In some cases, the person who is rejected will do all they can to avoid it and emotionally shut down, or they will keep pressing on to get that “yes” from whatever it is they are pursuing. Both of these are harmful to our souls in the long run. It is true that those who we hurt are usually those closest to us. Why? Because they are the ones who see us the most, they are the ones who we don’t hide our true self from, the ones who in most cases can cope with the person when they are struggling. The person who is hurt doesn’t mean to hurt them, it is just hard for that person to express their feelings. This person may actually really hurt those close and push them away, and thus continues the vicious ciycle of rejection. In other cases however, those closest to them see them through it by continually accepting them, thus breaking the power of rejection and pain! It is a process that takes time and perseverance, but it is possible to overcome rejection to the point of no longer being affected by it in the future.

This is not just rejection from the person we want to be with! This can be rejection from friends; work opportunities, being chosen for something, on and on the list could go. How do we overcome it? Overcoming depends on the individual and how deep the wounds are, usually it is a process not an instant fix. For example: a Christian can overcome by focusing on their acceptance by God, reminding themselves that they are loved unconditionally. It also helps when they see how Jesus himself was rejected, yet he never let rejection shape who he was or get in the way of what he had to do. Plus they can pray for strength. Not a christian? What about all the yes’s? Surely a person has not heard no every time! It is said that statistically it takes 5 good experiences to overcome one bad one. Our minds however through a process of positive thinking is able to focus on that one good thing. If our thoughts are negative, eventually how we act will be negative and create a negative environment around us. Positive thinking does the opposite. So in essence, rejection can create rejection, unless we accept the no and not let that create an expectancy of always hearing no, no matter what past experiences tell us! We don’t have to live in the power of our past, if we do, it can destroy the power of the future.

Easy? No! It’s hard, but in the long run it will be worth it, in the end we can be told “no” but still keep our heads held high, because we know that rejection only has the power we allow it to have. There are other ways to overcome rejection, but these two ways are the main ones for now:
1) seek God: his acceptance holds the power to overcome rejection. It is not easy but through persistence and faith it becomes easier.

2) The mind: what we think, we eventually act out, that’s why our thoughts should be filled with good thoughts. Experience, circumstance, and our patterns of thought can have a huge impact on our lives. That’s why this can be the most challenging part to deal with.

Not giving up is key to overcoming too, even when it seems we are getting no where, or we get somewhere but find ourself struggling again. Throw away the option to quit, if anything do this! Failure is not trying and not succeeding, it is not even trying at all. So keep going. Let the “no” not stop your “yes” to life. It is hard but in the end you will be saying ‘yes’ to victory. You will overcome the no! Sometimes though, no is a good thing. It’s just at the time the no doesn’t make sense. For example: what if a job you really wanted turned you down? Then some time down the line, because you refused to quit, you get a job that has the job you turned down working for you! Okay, so that may not be the case. The moral of the story; you don’t know if that no can actually lead to a much greater yes! So can you overcome rejection? Yes you can! Why? Because you believe you can and refuse to give up!

You and who’s army!

Life has been hard recently. I have tried to take on a whole army when I could have just taken out one soldier at a time. This army grew overtime, an army of sin with each soldier having their own name. Anger, jealousy, hatred, lust and selfishness led by their leader called pride! Pride always came before the others joined in, so subtle in his appearance at first, but then his appearance grew as he took control of the battlefield.

“I should be better at this! Why are they so good at what they do? Why are they so calm in that situation? Why can’t I be like they are?” Oh no, jealousy has joined pride in battle, now I have two so called Giants to face, I could have took out the first one with one stone, but I didn’t do it. I’m angry at myself now, I’m angry at the others too because they don’t feel what I feel, they don’t understand me! Wait a minute, anger has just joined them and I didn’t even realize it, pride had got in the way and stopped me from recognizing it.

“I wish I had a better life than this, I wish I was married, I wish I had a great job and lots of money, I wish… I wish!…” Here is lust! The temptation that comes as a quick fix or a great escape from the troubles of life. Selfishness pulls me into its cunning ways as I begin to loathe this life I’m living. “I would be happy if I was married and had the loving touch of another. Maybe life would be easier if I had money and took the easy road to success… I want, I want, I want!

“What’s happening to me? How am I being so blind? Pride was so small from a distance, but now he looks huge with his front line soldiers. Not to mention disappointment, sadness, depression and fear following close behind. These front line soldiers looked so strong in their appearance, yet the closer they got to me, the more I saw the chinks in their armor.

“Wait a minute?” I asked myself. “How can I be so foolish? I have been led astray by something that appeared so ugly that appeared to be so beautiful, now it’s close up I see pride and his army for what they really are! 

Humility has already won the victory on the cross and was led by his awesome leader Love! “Why am I letting this fake leader called pride take control? How can I let pride in when humility has already defeated him? Pride tried to make me forget about humility by making me focus on him and the fake success of his army. “I will give you fame, success, I offer the good life and the easy way for you if you let me be in charge”, pride would say at first. This sounded so good from pride, but he didn’t mention the catch until later. “Yes you can have fame, but you will never be satisfied, you will crave for more praise and spotlight as you let fame take over you. You can be successful too, but I will send my friend ‘liar’ to guide you on the easy road to success.  During this journey your heart will be hardened as you put other people down to get your success, you will get there though” says pride. “You will have to make sure others don’t get there though in order to do it, oh and you can say goodbye to being a genuinely nice person now, there’s no time for that if you are working for me” pride continued. “This is the good life; you get what you want, when you want it and how you want it”.

I considered the words of pride and its cunning accomplice deciet, it sounded enticing, but then the words of humility came to me. “Those who want to keep their life will loose it, but those who loose their lives for me and my Kingdom will keep it now and for eternity”. What does this mean? “I am the way the truth and the life”, humility continued. This is not the easy way, but it is the way that is led by truth. The way that makes you somebody without having to be famous or successful, or have lots of money. This is the way that keeps the heart soft and at peace, the way that helps others who struggle in life without ever putting them down. Pride can’t possibly live that way, pride can’t see the need of others because he is too busy checking himself out. Pride doesn’t even realize how weak at the knees he is with all the fake armor of success and fame on him. Humility takes on the battleground differently, he has a good friend called wisdom. Wisdom is able to find great lookout places to see when pride is attacking with his false disciples. Wisdom and discernment work well together guided by humility.

I realize that this army is worth fighting with. They know how pride works along with his team, pride knows nothing about humility so it’s not possible for him to defeat him. The danger for me though and all in the battlefield is that deciet is able to make humility seem like pride and pride seem like humlity. Somehow deciet is able to go into both battlefields almost unnoticed, unless of course discernment keeps an eye out.

So here I am in the battlefield of my life weighing up the cost of which army to follow. Prides army will be easy but will cost me everything in the end, even though it may seem that his way is paying me well. Humilities army is a hard way because it means battles must be fought to stay with humility and his army. The greatest thing about humilities way is that the price has already been paid for by love! If I give myself to humility and his army, love puts a badge of honor on me and clothes me with the armor of faith. Sometimes I can drift into prides army, even sometimes without noticing. Love however always notices, this is when humility comes with his army of love, joy, peace and others to bring me back. Love has a great accomplice too called faithfulness. 

This is why I want to be in humilities army, their is no catch and the reward for the members of his army go on for eternity. Hope is beyond the battlefield, love carries us through and humility gives us the strength along with joy. Humility may not appear much, but he can knock down pride with one word “forgiveness”! Pride can’t fight forgiveness either, pride has to have a weak spot to aim for, if he can’t find a weak spot he becomes weaker. Forgiveness is like gold refined in a furnace, it has no weak spot, it only has strength, it can destroy pride and his whole army! That’s why I choose humility and His army, because no one can loose with Him and Forgiveness!


Be the best you can be.

You found this post because you were looking for something, you wanted to find something you can connect with in a way you understand. You want a message that will lift you up and give you strength to face the day, a message to give you the strength to make a stand. What do you mean stand? You may ask… Literally or figuratively? To stand against evil, now that’s a challenging task, but it’s something that needs to be done, so let’s take a look and see how we can disarm the power where this evil comes from.

First it comes from an understanding, an understanding that we live In a human race that has fell far from the standards of its maker, filled with a mix of lovers and haters, brothers and fakers and givers and takers. It’s filled with smiles and sighs, happiness and cries, truth and lies. Without a standard to live from or a law to obey, it’s easy for us humans to go astray. So who sets the standard? good question… Some people say it’s God while others give other suggestions. I set the standard they say, it’s those who make the laws others would say, or in the words of the famous song ‘I did it my way’. Hitler thought he was doing the right thing, so do terrorists who think they please God by destroying innocent lives, so do those men with many wives or the thief who steals as a way of life. They set there own standard and some believe that they are doing the right thing. Well, this is where we have a problem… Without a perfect moral figure to set the standard, how can we truly stay away from what’s bad? 

There is a standard that was set a long time ago, and it is summed up in one sentence…’love your neighbor as yourself’. This standard set by the one who draws us to himself, yes the Lord our God who loves the human race and took all this evil because of his grace. So what is this love? It is saying something encouraging, a hug when we are down, it is walking the extra mile and sharing what’s good with a smile. It is helping the poor, helping others in their need, this is what changes the world, turning from our greed. I can’t you may say.. I’ve already messed up to much! I’ve done some terrible things too but the grace of God is always enough. So let’s start a fresh from this moment, make small changes by the way we behave, there’s hope beyond the grave and you are not a waste of space! If each one did something kind today, it would pass on like a Mexican wave and you will be a part of this awesome change! We don’t have to be the things that aren’t good that we see, we can be the difference, we can be Free!


We are more than just music…


Music has been an influence since we can remember, from biblical times to the present day it has been an inspiration and influence in many ways. From King David in the bible to Michael Jackson in our time, music has shaped cultures and inspired millions to make a change in their life.

We are more than just music… Sounds crazy that anything can be more than something so powerful right? Think about it though, every great song writer, artist or musician has a story to tell. King David chose to worship his creator and was considered lowly among people yet a man after Gods own heart by God himself. Michael Jackson went from black to white to show the world that music has nothing to do with skin color but is something that we can use to inspire many and just like the man in the mirror, to make a change.

We are not just music… We are unique and given this life for a purpose to live and be an expression of life itself. I write this blog as a Christian who believes that every person is uniquely created for a purpose by a a God who loves us. We are more than just music… We are people chosen to make a difference in this world and to be a light in the darkness. Music is one more way that we can express ourselves in life and a way that we can use our voices to bring something good! We are more than just music… We are the change the world is looking for!